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Mound production of scientific research of soja of in relief city catchs an expe
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"In last few years, mound production of in relief soja scientific research obtains great progress, to production of domestic soja scientific research, fizzle out especially production of scientific research of soja of area of sea of the Huaihe River, have draw lessons from a meaning very well. " this is to attend scientific research of soja of the 20th whole nation to produce the opinion of seminar expert. Came 30 days on August 28, scientific research of soja of the 20th whole nation produces a seminar to be held in the our city. Many 200 soja expert that attend the meeting visits the soja scientific research that inspected place of city farming division to work on the spot, ying spring area sheds a town all right, too the soja that presses down and other places of Zhang Huai village with prefectural old county produces a situation. Experts think, mound the positive result of partial scientific research that scientific research of soja of in relief city produces is in lead position in home.
Seminar of production of countrywide soja scientific research is congress with top level of learning of field of our country soybean, choose to be in mound hold, basically be based on mound the remarkable result that this world produces field place to obtain in soja scientific research.
When visitting base of scientific research of soja of place of city farming division, the soja scientific research that Gai Junyi of director of council of major of soja of society of crop of the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering that passes 7 a period of ten years in one's age, China is opposite this works express satisfaction. This domestic and international very influential soja expert is in city farming division place of brainpower accompany below, walk into scientific research base, the inquiry concerns professional topic, the camera in often using a hand stays mound of in relief soja video; Come from Xinjiang stone river child the big toe since the vertical stroke of Liu Professor Yong Jie of university cotton place says, "Cannot think of, mound the soja breed the way corp is growing of in relief seed selection is so satisfactory. In if can popularize each district agriculture,will be being produced henceforth, affirmative meeting has good crop " ; Come from the expert Chan Zhihui of place of oil plants of courtyard of Chinese farming division, in area of visiting Ying spring travel shedding presses down new breed of soja of Feng poplar village to reveal Tian Shi, take out the magnifier that carries, careful observation reveals soja lamina of Tian Li. When be being faced, still do not forget to get off leaf of a few soja, cautious inside the specimen bag that is put in oneself to bring. Chan Zhihui says, "So good soja, be worth to look. I go back the leaf belt of these crop, should study well namely " .