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Expert of each country cole: Canister of ⒂ of Zhan of of Ji Mian rips Gai est
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Yesterday, ill seminar of black leg of system of national cole industry is in Chinese hold, expert of each country cole forms consensus: The whole world is calefacient bring about hair of ill frequency of rape black leg, china ought to against a rainy day, strengthen forecast with prevention and cure.

Disease of rape black leg is the annihilative disease that causes by mildew of fungus bine dot, in the whole world calefacient macroclimate falls, it is spreading in Europe, America, Australia, cause huge loss. Because international trade, seed communication is very frequent, and our country cole produces area climate and Europe, beauty, bay 3 continent are similar, this disease is in very likely before long slip into our country in the future.

To prevent rape black leg disease is in our country popular, the country such as our country and England, Canada, polish, Australia begins old collaboration research, obtain level sex positive result now. Consider to make clear, our country is in in the near future, if do not take step, this disease will be in our country popular, only the rapeseed loss with annual catchment of the Yangtse River will exceed 12 billion yuan of RMBs, constitute great menace to wildlife of abundant the mustard family at the same time.

Study a proposal, the strategy of short-term prevention and cure of black leg disease is to begin a risk to evaluate, label this disease the country to import quarantine object as soon as possible, carry out strict entrance seed and plant quarantine, adopt measure to build the network that monitor. Strategy of long-term prophylaxis and treatment basically is appraisal and the cole that choose our country and floral of relevant the mustard family fight sexual resource in, begin breed disease-resistant variety.