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High production of rice of county of Shaanxi city firm is new record 767 kilogra
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Recently, classics paddy is measured produce an expert to check and accept, high grade paddy produces area city south short for Shaanxi Province garrison post of solid county bibcock is new China village Cheng Yuping, Zou Gen 55 101. 5 mus of paddy, mu produce 767. 1 kilogram, tower above of commonner land for growing field crops many kilograms 260, created new record of Shaanxi rice high production.

This result is by the whole nation paddy measures those who produce expert group to make, expert group is saved by Ministry of Agriculture and Shaanxi, Chinese in 3 class experts of city are comprised, measure produce stipulate by the country the program undertakes strictly.

Paddy of upper reaches of the Yangtse River of the affiliated to a ministry austral Shaanxi province produces a division, long-term since, 2 million mus of paddy austral short for Shaanxi Province are average mu produce do not exceed 500 kilograms. To capture crop of high grade rice, shaanxi saves farming ability system to be in this year Chinese medium, in good health 10 county area was begun 13. 260 thousand mus high yield establishs demonstrative activity, popularized breed of high grade high yield, increase the density that insert establish, catch plant diseases and insect pests of favorable opportunity prevention and cure to wait for 6 crucial technology, country and Shaanxi province give set an example door 140 yuan thoroughbred, chemical fertilizer mixes every mus of allowance pesticide farming endowment. By guard mu of increase production to measure computation, increase production paddy 8 million kilograms of above.