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The food core that Anhui builds 11 million mus fully sets an example area
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Condition of nature of Anhui grain production is advantageous, it is 13 commissariat of countrywide advocate produce one of province, also be now the throughout the country's only 7 can one of province of v commodity provisions. In last few years, base oneself upon of government of Anhui provincial Party committee, province at this one advantage, began wheaten high yield to tackle key problem early or late, rice industry promotion, corn promotes a plan, expand grain production energetically.

Anhui took the lead in undertaking commissariat allowance means and current system are reformed in the whole nation 2003, in the whole nation the first cancelled food risk gold the allowance of current to commissariat business, receive Qian Zhi allowance arrives kind of grain farmer head on, this policy began to execute in the whole nation 2004, enthusiasm had kind of grain of the farmer very big promotion.

2005, according to the proposal of agricultural expert, province government decision carries out 5 years of increase production 5 billion jins wheaten high yield tackles key problem activity, 2006, 2007, 3 years wheaten total output increased 7.2 billion jins 2008. The experience that wheaten high yield tackles key problem gives us to huge is invigorated and be edified, we popularize experience to paddy and corn industry, complete province began rice industry promotion and corn to promote a plan early or late again, anhui commissariat always produced the bottom to already amounted to 58 billion jins last year.

The proportion that the first industry holds Anhui is large, grain increase production reflected the contribution with safe to national commissariat Anhui, also with farmer income be closely bound up. Anhui commissariat is produced and did not reach top, compare with the past very satisfactory, with brother province comparing has difference, there still are very large space and development latent capacity on main attack per unit area yield. Paddy is one of advantage crop of Anhui, want to realize agricultural big province to span to agricultural strong province, promote commissariat productivity, must catch good rice production. Executive rice industry promotes the action, want to pay promotion around science and technology namely, pay promotion around the market, fulfil around policy pay promotion, pay promotion around demonstrative service, add around the farmer close pay promotion, city of lake of overgrown with weeds had made very good model. The core that the Anhui province prepares to build 11 million mus sets an example area, do well fertilization of the unified and thoroughbred breeding, unified recipe that measure land, unified ill Chinese caterpillar fungus kills prevention and cure to wait, had caught " thoroughbred " , " fine law " and " fertile land " union. Demonstrative area should come true hard " kind 3 produce 4 " , sum up experience ceaselessly, promote horizontal, accomplish better year by year, protective farmer produces initiative, implementation increase production is added close.
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