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Straw of cole of broken solution of farming division courtyard returns the Anhui
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Recently, country fairdyke of countryside of Hefei city big embankment straw of 100 mus of cole returns the village on the west in cropland demonstrative cropland, the spike of rice of heavy presents his compliment to people beck, show picture of one clique bumper harvest. Come from city of province, Hefei and Hefei 3 counties personnel of the leader of the branch such as 4 areas science and technology, agriculture, expert, technology, the click of the tongue after the level sex gain that the spot experiences straw to return cropland to be used circularly praises.

The national science and technology that by me the courtyard manages props up plan task " straw of area of Campagna of river the Huaihe River returns cropland to use a technology circularly compositive research and set an example " project, start this year summer harvest is seasonal. In country fairdyke of countryside of Hefei city big embankment on the west village, brainpower chooses machinery to reap rape, come back the straw on the spot that smashed bury return cropland. Through machine close, the agriculture machinery such as tractor-ploughing works, solved rape straw effectively to reclaim difficult, farmer burns simply contaminative environment difficult problem, reduced labor intensity at the same time, raised work efficiency and colza gains rate, synergism of abridged edition of every mus of farm is controlled 50 yuan. The success of this technology applies, resounding Hefei countryside, circumjacent masses in succession follow the lead of, radiation drives rape to reap 1000 mus jointly, rape straw returns cropland 5000 mus.

Straw returns cropland hind 20 days or so, brainpower begins machinery to grow insert paddy, completed form a complete set of rape, paddy thereby farming art agriculture machinery technology combines basic course, realized rape straw to return cropland to be used circularly, added cultivated land organic fertility, ensure bumper harvest of rice increase production. On September 8, expert of organization of office of province science and technology is measured produce make clear, straw returns paddy of cropland demonstrative Tian Kuai mu produce 596.8 kilograms, more adjacent blame sets an example Tian Kuai mu increase production 35.3 kilograms; In the meantime, demonstrative cropland agriculture machinery is energy-saving fall bad news 25% , pesticide, fertilizer reduces dosage 15, 20% , mu managing production cost 15, 20% .

At present, straw of rape, paddy returns cropland to use farming of form a complete set circularly art agriculture machinery technology shapes basically already, the demonstrative action of demonstrative cropland spreads quickly, local farmer asks to enlarge new technology to popularize an area next year in succession. Can foreknow, once this technology bedding face accumulates promotion application, crop straw had good outlet, summer harvest season burns the difficult problem of straw pollution environment can get be defeatinged effectively solving.
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