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Cross paddy aids Heng Yang farming add close 150 million
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A few days ago, the reporter holds from Changsha " science and technology of 2006 year country enrichs the people project of special action plan checks and accept strong county meeting " on know, of Lei in relief city " paddy of 120 thousand mus of high grade cross controls kind of industry " the project is checked and accept through the country. As we have learned, this project already was added for Lei in relief farmer receive 150 million yuan.

In July 2006, lei this world is decided to be national science and technology to enrich the people by ministry of national science and technology, Ministry of finance special operation plans strong county pilot county (city) one of. Start oneself " paddy of 120 thousand mus of high grade cross makes kind of industry technology develop a project " since, paddy of Lei in relief cross makes kind of base area already enlarged one hundred and twenty-three thousand six hundred mus of present from 80 thousand mus of 2005, the crop that make by the past average mu produce 200 kilograms to raise 250 kilograms of present, accumulative total is added newly control kind of area three hundred and thirty-seven thousand four hundred mus, make in all plant 74.35 million kilograms, the sales revenue that finish 624 million yuan, increase farmer net income 151 million yuan, the person is smooth add receive 1100 yuan. The success of this project is carried out, masses of farmer of this world letting Lei got material benefit, savor benefit, transformed idea, by the past " want me to make kind " change was become present " I should be made kind " , by the past make kind of index " pressing below " , change was become nowadays make kind of index " grabbing should " . Nowadays, cross paddy is made kind already became Lei in relief farmer to become rich " golden seed " ; Discipline skill, also became farmer masses to add with science and technology close " golden key " .

The success of the project is carried out, quickened the pace of structural adjustment of industry of Lei in relief agriculture not only, increased capacity of innovation of area agriculture science and technology, more national food safety provided powerful seminal resource safeguard. In the meantime, return effectively to pull moved the fluctuation such as Lei in relief storage, content shedding to swim rapid development of the industry.