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Dan Yu is planted course of study changes make for joint-stock company
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To arouse the enthusiasm of broad worker adequately, adjust good scientific research and management concern, promote kind of industry production to manage reach development of science and technology, liaoning red jade is planted recently limited company of industry science and technology, change make for the joint stock company, more the name is planted for Liaoning red jade Inc. of industry science and technology. It is more complete that agriculture is in charge of a branch to reach kind of industry colleague to think the share-holding system of this company is transformed consistently. Dan Yu plants Cao Zubo of Jing Xijiang of president of Inc. of industry science and technology, general manager and secretary of Party committee of courtyard of Dan Dongnong division at deep-sea talk to the reporter respectively: Our basiccest characteristic is as complete as state-owned asset unhook, primary state-owned share already was bought outright by the worker entirely, the worker of 90% above becomes a shareholder. Property right is clear, paid to state-owned facilities enterprise hire. Kind look forward to the researcher is all by business spending, did not take up country a minute of capital. Authority of former state-owned breed is executed paid use, handle the relation of good brainpower and company worker, made sure brainpower gives achievement to have beneficial result, aroused brainpower and the enthusiasm of company management staff further.

Liaoning red jade is planted Inc. of industry science and technology is by Liaoning Dan Yu is planted company of the modernization that share-holding system of classics of limited company of industry science and technology is transformed and comes, science and technology seed, existing worker 140 more than person, among them researcher 50 more than person, develop administrator 80 more than person, the company basically runs hybrid strain of corn of series of division of Dan Yu, red, the other crop seed such as dry rice of soja holding battalion concurrently, water, vegetable and chemical fertilizer, pesticide, farming film, agriculture machinery farming endowment article. The seminal treatment of the company, pack, examine equipment complement is all ready, technical force is abundant.

Current, dan Yu is planted course of study already built terminal to sell a site in countrywide each district more than 10000, orgnaization of prefectural class representative more than 100, branch, treatment deserves to send a center more than 10, annual quantity of seminal produce and sale amounts to 20 million kilograms, sale 150 million yuan, seed of corn of red jade series is wide sell more than 20 provinces such as Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heibei, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Sichuan, Chongqing, city, municipality. The member that the company has person of the seminal inspector of the mount guard that hold card, keeper, treatment more than 10 people, built the standardization control laboratory that accords with regulation of Ministry of Agriculture early or late, the seed of the seminal job shops of 1000 square metre, 4000 square metre stores up the seminal air bleachery of library, 16000 square metre, can offer 2000~2500 with producing a division for countrywide corn 10 thousand kilograms admirable corn hybrid strain.
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