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Feng Le is planted course of study devotes into corn alcohol industry
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Alcohol benzine serves as replace the sources of energy to entering rapid development phase, alcohol benzine is produced can grow course of study to increase corn demand.

Oil price is ceaseless heighten, search but extremely urgent of second birth the sources of energy. At present alcohol benzine is popular in the country such as the United States, Brazil, thailand popularizes alcohol benzine compulsively, our country already spread out a car to use alcohol gas in the province with many resourceful corn pilot job. From at present our country technology and natural condition are told, corn still is most the raw material of the most general, economy, climb ceaselessly in international crude price litre, below the situation of insecurity of domestic oil natural resources, enlarge corn to sow an area, raising corn yield is current best means of settlement.

The Anhui province is alcohol of our country fuel produces one of 4 large base, also be promotion alcohol petrolic one of 5 province, feng Le is planted course of study (000713) regards the Anhui province as main corn seed supplier, face rare development opportunity, the corn crop of the Anhui province whether rise considerably, for fuel alcohol production provides enough raw material, feng Le is planted course of study will act very important role.

Feng Le is planted course of study (000713) company digs latent capacity adequately, foster high yield energetically seed of high grade corn, expand control kind of area, make corn seed crop promotes considerably, make the faucet of industry of seed of our country corn gradually, absolutely advantage place is had in home market.

Current, feng Le is planted new base of seed of course of study builds in succession, the company will be planted in corn enlarge the distinguish oneself in battle, the profit appearance that metaphase achieves this year also rises somewhat than last year. On 2 class market, this go force is moderate, have breakthrough sign, be worth to add attention more.