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Qiu Le is planted promotion of whole of company of construction of brand of cour
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Came 2007 at the beginning of 2008, henan saves farming division courtyard to plant course of study limited company (abbreviation " Qiu Le is planted course of study " ) in the intense competition that begs for be more than in seminal market, show itself, innovation of service of development of support new breed, sale and project construction obtained the outstanding achievement of arrogant person.

Since December 2007, qiu Le is planted course of study in all to countrywide corn advocate produce an area to offer thoroughbred 100 million jins, annual income 250 million yuan, profit tax amounts to 25 million yuan, "Qiu Le " brand corn is thoroughbred market share is occupied to already amounted to 5 % in countrywide place, the company sells a network to already broke through thousands of, and with the country postal content flows to mail carry out to arrive for carrier farmer of vast rural area.

  Catch breed seed selection to develop core competition ability

Qiu Le plants ground of very familiar with sth of Dr. Li Jijun tells employment general manager our newspaper reporter: The company built base of breed of 10 mus of little material in Hainan, breed base is built in company this locality 15 mus, matched stack 1000 many new combination. Still waited for province city to establish demonstrative point of 100 many new breed in Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Heibei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Chongqing, the area amounts to many mus 20 thousand. The corn new breed of the company " Qiu Le 151 " already was attend an area the 2nd year to try, hopeful enters manufacturing trial this year, attend area of 4000 individual plant to try at the same time.

This company was purchased " Su Yu 2 " the corn new breed with authorized country, created quite considerable benefit in those days.

Still have purchase " Luo Yu 4 " , " Su Yu 2 " already was pleasedded 6 city are north to popularize breed mainly certainly. Among them " Luo Yu 4 " in the new breed that 6 city held 2007 the crop in setting an example gains the championship.

This company breeds " Qiu Le 5 " , " Qiu Le 8 " , " Qiu Le 9 " pily new breed passed Henan smoothly the province is authorized, begin to set an example manage.

   Catch brand difference to change service innovation to nod

Qiu Le is planted the company that employment general manager Dr. Li Jijun offers " high-quality goods strategy " obtained favorable result. Corn waits in Heibei, Shandong advocate sell an area to establish case " high-quality goods Qiu Le " good figure. The company rolls out " odd bead sows Zheng Chan 958 " once come out, caused intense echo in the market, 200 thousand bags of seeds sell one sky.

Quality is the foundation of the brand, the IS09001 that the company introduces - system of management of quality of 2000 edition international is made for core with quality, involve a company to serve each link of quality and product quality, the company executes a seed to manage by different levels obtain very good result. All seeds of the company execute specific gravity concentration entirely, essence of life measures minute of outfit, increased the proportion of the seed that include the clothes. 2007, the company does not have incident of occurrence seed quality, the rate of complaint handling satisfaction of the company achieved 100 % .
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