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Gansu Province is planted put into production of product line of treatment of es
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During cross makes kind of corn development jointing, plant by Gansu Province estate company is in the put into production of complete of product line of modern seed treatment of piece of assist investment construction, bring into the farmer that controls kind of base external to enlarge crop cross actively to control kind of area from this, execute standardization production strictly, the production that makes collect seed breed, treatment, export, scientific research is an organic whole is managed was full of opportunity of survival and vigor.
Change the Gansu Province after making to plant estate company, crop expands to control kind of production in Zhang Yefu in base, fulfil order contract commitment strictly, strong melt into farming dog series serves, execute cash to buy cash, make the management of the farmer turned to active choice by passive follow from dominion, make external cross made kind of area enlarge many mus 20 thousand, manage dispersive household brought into the chain of linkage of produce and sale that conforms with bibcock enterprise, increase income every year for the farmer many yuan 1100, bibcock company also is expanding favorable beneficial result was obtained in controlling kind of production base.
To build the interest platform with farmer collaboration affiliation, gansu Province is planted estate company develops the dominant position with the condition of earth of smooth hot water with piece of advantaged assist and technical solid team adequately, strengthen the cooperative affiliation with unit of scientific research of province inside and outside and institution of higher learing ceaselessly, the standard runs a mechanism. Treatment product line deployed the seed that has built go into operation to store up, examine wait for advanced equipment, rose to set an example the content of science and technology of promotion, make new achievement, new technology, new breed is in what dimensions changes position to make kind of production base blossom and bear fruit, among them the corn of cross breed is admirable breed is popular and other places of Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, melon kind, the cross such as vegetable is admirable the quality standard of breed is judged by affirmative become reconciled of the foreign trader, sell as far as to the country such as the United States, Switzerland, Holand, India, Korea, Japan.