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Henan day civilian kind course of study is super and wheaten breeding achievemen
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On June 4, from orchid one's deceased father transmit a good news: Organize expert of wheat of province inside and outside to check and accept through visitting office of science and technology, by Henan day civilian is planted the task of Henan of project of science and technology of national grain bumper crop that limited company carries out course of study is super wheat orchid is taken an examination of short early 50 mus 8 connect a high yield to tackle key problem cropland mu produce 735.08 kilograms, mu of produces 650 kilograms to reach 700 kilograms target that overfulfiled national regulation. This is this company develops international science and technology extensively collaboration, strengthen a business the positive result of another scientific research that own innovation ability obtains.

Henan day civilian kind course of study limited company is market scientific research, breed and development the civilian battalion at an organic whole is new and high technical company. Come for years, this company development begins collaboration of international science and technology and communication, insist to be given priority to with primitive innovation from beginning to end, and will compositive innovation and introduce, digest, absorb innovate to be united in wedlock again, for the country breeding of super and wheaten scientific research made positive contribution. Go up oneself 90 time begin the century, this company considers to reached development orgnaization to have active contact with foreign wheaten breeding, use come in please the means such as cooperative research, cite international cooperation to development ceaselessly. Current, this company already was the same as 5 continent of world the famous expert of breeding of many 100 wheat of 30 many countries and area, corn and physiology respect built cooperation to concern, undertook early or late 3 super wheat that have level of world forward position are genetic seminar of breeding international learning. In the meantime, adopt a measure that go, expedite 38 people 7 times to go abroad early or late attend seed selection of super and wheaten new breed to groom class, among them two people obtain master's degree. Pass collaboration of extensive science and technology and communication, make full use of resource of international science and technology promotes own innovation capability, learn and introduce international advanced management experience, advanced breeding of our country super wheat to help advance somebody's career greatly thereby the domain studies begin, stride to world advanced level.

This company is paid attention to " project -- talent -- base " be united in wedlock, exert oneself builds base of research and development of internationalization high level. This company is carrier with project of science and technology, with base construction is prop up, collect breeding of domestic and international wheat, corn famous expert, through extensive, the science and technology of higher administrative levels cooperates, drive implementation of super and wheaten breeding to span ceaselessly type develops, thereby establish our country precedes in the international in domain of super and wheaten breeding position. 2004, outside the country only bureau name this company the whole nation exclusive " base of demonstrative promotion of super and wheaten breeding " . In November 2007, approval of department of science and technology is the experiment station that rely on to promote to a high office with this company for base of collaboration of national international science and technology, the base of collaboration of international science and technology that becomes home to be engaged in super and wheaten breeding exclusively.
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