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The city austral the Huaihe River introduces short Ji Mian the way corp is growi
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Association of cotton of the city austral the Huaihe River executes a technology to contract to order cotton new breed, establish cotton expert coachs hurried of cotton grower science accuses, overcome weather of overcast and rainy more brought influence, the way corp is growing of cotton of 2000 mus of short season is at present good, blossom generally already bear a peach-shaped thing.
Our city cotton is given priority to with spring sowing so, enlarge pily acreage to adjust crops for rotation, city cotton association introduced the short Ji Mian that cropland of stubble of comfortable Yu Mai cultivates last year, score a success through plant experimentally, into Xia Zaikong the promotion of villages and towns such as inn, Yang Gong is cultivated this year. Enterprise of constituent cotton bibcock and cotton grower sign association to the technology contracts and buy a contract, assure 175 kilograms to cotton grower harvests seed cotton every mus, like short of mu produce a standard, be in charge of compensating by bibcock enterprise. Bibcock enterprise invited pily technologist, expert from for planting, sow begin, enter into the village door undertake instructor. Because day of summertime overcast and rainy is more this year, grow what affected short Ji Mian normally, the expert coachs to cropland head cotton grower strengthens field managing, hit fork in time to pick a top, capture fine fine day to enrage, gush applies cotton earthnut to grow conditioning agent, after closing to first, accuse, prevent excessive growth to make cotton blossoms more much bear a peach-shaped thing. To August the first ten days of a month, conditioning agent of short season cotton already sprayed 3 times early or late, cotton grower report adjusts the effect is apparent, hopeful of pily bumper harvest.