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Du Bang research and development gives corn soja to assist seed selection new te
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American agriculture researcher is newest the new technology that development gives a kind to use laser to undertake assisting seed selection to corn and soja, predict 10 years in future internal energy makes the yield of these two kinds of crop rises significantly.

Below division of American Du Bang company " the pioneer is planted course of study " the United States that breeding researcher held a few days ago " agricultural progress exhibition " on introduced this kind of technology.

The researcher says, the principle of this kind of technology is to use a power to be the carbon dioxide laser of 120 tile to be cut from the seed take flake, obtain seminal hereditary information, at the same time the viability that guarantee against destroys a seed. Next, the researcher is used already some molecular breeding technologies, with every separate seminal section is an object, pick those genetic combination that accord with thoroughbred requirement. The seed that has good gene will be chosen to come out to be used at cultivate and reforming.

Before this, the researcher can arrive only when seed selection field undertake assessment to crop, the character trait that according to crop expression comes out chooses thoroughbred. The experimental cropland that this one process needs a few years normally studies, ability breeding goes thoroughbred undertake large-scale cultivate. And the good gene that laser assists seed selection and molecular breeding technology to be able to help a researcher choose those to be able to be used at improved crop quickly, arrive from the lab quickly field process.

It is reported, du Bang company had filed multinomial patent for this technology, predict to 2009 year end can be used large-scaly at the actual breeding process of corn and soja.