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Gold paddy graduates earlier than super paddy but nobody are recruited
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New and high nowadays technology " obtain employment " nervous also, for example " turn gene " , like perhaps doing not have other and new and high technology to follow it, in be driven by numerous scientist while, was denounced by countless person place again, the obtain employment that brought about it thereby is difficult. "Gold paddy " , be " turn gene crop institute " the 2nd period graduate, breed in what pass more than 20 years of labs later, after drilling with respect to a suit common paddy place has some magical capacity impossibly, 2005 from lab of plant element breeding " graduation " , however up to now cannot " obtain employment " . It is under the help of numerous scientist and social personage, although the most hopeful estimation, also must when 2011, he just can be in probably of the Asia a certain field, find oneself proper place.   

"Gold paddy " as " turn gene crop institute " of graduation " super plant " , the special capacity that it has is " carotene exceeds synthesis, rich volume exceeds inside grain of rice " . Carotene is the material that synthesizes vitamin A, human body can synthesize vitamin A through absorbing carotene, prevent the disease such as nyctalopia, hives thereby. World Health Organization (WHO) estimation has every year probably 250 thousand be lacked because of vitamin A to the children of 500 thousand and blindness, among them one part still can lose life. The majority in them lives in the developing country. Carrot, the vegetable such as tomato, and the flesh, butter and milk are to contain a lot ofvitaminic or the food that its synthesize material, see on the daily table that these contain a lot ofvitamin food to often can be in family of the common in the city, but the food that the table of underdeveloped now country and our country country and remote region still places these nutrition impossibly to abound, the domestic investigation 2000 makes clear, rate of lack of A of the vitamin inside the 0 children put oneself in another's position that reach 5 years old still is as high as 11% , their greater part is in country and remote region centrally, although be in developed country, also have small like crayon the child that because do not like,has carrot newly euqally, they also lack vitamin A probably. Scientists hope those who save these poor children, place was in " gold paddy " on the body. Before 3 years, this hope became reality.   

The graph has the real situation, very good very powerful. Reveal below before everybody is " gold paddy " graduation Shuai Zhao. White is the common paddy that breeds without passing a member, flaxen is " gold paddy " generation, of golden color is " gold paddy " 2 generation. Must say, it is paddy really originally, but grow more and more resemble carrot man, although Dr. Aldermita of place of Philippine international paddy says, "Flavour is tasted rising still is sweet aromatic rice " . Dr. Aldermita is like now " gold paddy " old Mom is same, the canal is worn remembering with concern this child is in Philippine be bred again and obtain employment works.   
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