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Lukewarm county shop is planted with respect to 10 years road of gold of course
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This year the summer, 168 thousand mus of wheaten seedbed are fond of lukewarm county reap a bumper harvest, always produce achieve 86 million kilograms when achieve a record.

Lukewarm county develops seminal property from 1998, go to today all the way, high yield, freeboard produces " Wen Mai series " admirable breed emerges in endlessly, area of wheaten seed breed and seminal crop in successive years are climbed considerably tall, became our country to be provided most famous the wheaten seed base that spend and provides competition ability most, come true successfully from " countrywide commodity grain base " to " base of breed of countrywide wheaten seed " strategic shunt. Last year, seed of this county export 39 million kilograms, exceeded 40 million kilograms this year.

In area of wheat of winter of sea of yellow the Huaihe River, of seed of lukewarm county wheat sow an area to be occupied 1/3. 10 years, lukewarm county offers the wheaten new breed with high yield, high grade, Gao Kang, strong adaptability for this one area 500 million kilograms, increase production commissariat 3.5 billion kilograms.

The lukewarm county person with simple and honest guileless is in for Huang Huai synergism of agriculture of Hai Dongmai area, farmer is added close offer while powerful motive force supports, for national commissariat manufacturing safety also made due contribution, nowadays " lukewarm wheat series " the ground of more than 10 provinces such as Heibei of wheaten breed radiate, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Hubei.

Plant 10 years course of study " gold road " how be to spread? Myriad of deep feeling of Dong Anmin of secretary of lukewarm county county Party committee: "This is overall situation of mind of lukewarm county person, firm catchs grain production to be not loosened, with the outcome that painstaking effort and sweat change. With the outcome that painstaking effort and sweat change..

Lukewarm county is located in comfort northwest Campagna. Surging the Yellow River picked upper reaches each areas are different and geological rich nutrition of the condition, inducted again too landforms of travel hill karst permeates a large number of microelement that come down, formed the edaphic qualification with lukewarm unique county. In the meantime, depend on as a result of lukewarm county north too row, the Yellow River is faced south, make this world of here collect hill and Shui Zhiyang at an organic whole, created the climate condition such as distinctive illumination and precipitation. Accordingly, have 460 thousand mus of farmland, the lukewarm county with admirable condition of four hundred and fifty-one thousand six hundred people, cultivation is particularly appropriate a variety of crop such as wheaten, corn grow, all the year round crop cultivates an area to be 720 thousand mus, grain crop cultivates an area to amount to five hundred and forty thousand seven hundred mus.

The route that takes wheaten seed industrialization is to force the choice that come out. Going up early century at the beginning of 80 time, lukewarm county is county of countrywide wheaten high yield, regrettablly is the n/COL the head of a family breed that does not have his. Wheaten high yield relies on a seed. To achieve wheaten crop new breakthrough, 1981, lukewarm county gave place of prefectural farming division the important task that breeds wheaten new breed, brainpower classics of Wang Huanying all previous 78 years go all out in work difficultly, form of an individual plant is compact, fight cold be able to bear or endure aspic, tillering is much, gao Kang is ill, resistant to lodging, high yield is produced firmly, comfortable the wheaten cross with kind of wide range is admirable breed " lukewarm 2540 " was born eventually. Through a few years of plant experimentally and province area appraisal, each index all seizes the first, achieved mu of history record high that produces 620 kilograms, be saved by Henan authorized for " comfort wheat 25 " , have the honor to win Henan to save first prize of progress of science and technology.
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