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Price of a seed exceeds Laosilaisi illusive be as high as 11.8 million
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Geometry of social status of a seed? Yesterday is growing a when hold special Fair to give out market reference answer: 11.8 million yuan! This price passed car of world top class name high even -- Laosilaisi is illusive the social status of close ten million.

Yesterday, research center of research center of technology of project of national cross paddy, Hunan cross paddy and communication of Hunan Province science and technology trade bourse of property right of technology of center, Hunan Province revealed cross paddy new breed together 200 many. Many 50 seed of domestic is managed and produce an enterprise to be opposite among them 23 " in the boudoir that await a word " price of contest of new breed spot trades, assembly pays price nearly 30 million yuan. Among them, "Two actor 1128 " breed of super semilate rice clinchs a deal with price of 11.8 million yuan of contest, achieve cross paddy " mark king " record.

It is reported, make over cross paddy new breed through pattern of market contest price, this still is belonged to in home and even whole world first.

  "Mark king " it is to exceed high yield king

The seed trades, normally in order to obtain id card (carry variety namely authorized) seminal attention is spent tall. However, trade in contest price yesterday the spot, reporter discovery, compete for the most fervent " mark king class " breed all is still treat authorized variety. Because official business wants to be in the seed is authorized effect of the have a youthful look that finish, this was equivalent to doing first gear futures to trade.

This field joins 23 when contest price trades new breed, cross early rice and late rice breed occupy 4 each, semilate rice breed 15, contest price process with " mark king " the most intense. Compete for through 8 rounds, "Two actor 1128 " clinch a deal finally with 11.8 million yuan, by provincial some enterprise contest is gotten, tower above anticipates transfer value nearly one times. As we have learned, "Mark king " also be this year freeboard produces king, this breed is cultivated in Hunan large area this year, the academic crop that answers in grand mu produce be as high as 1134.9 kilograms.

   Yuan Long Pingting is become personally " soubrette "

In the spot, become the name is " DH2525 " super semilate rice appearances when appearing, because lack understanding hesitate to breed,buy the home not less, for a time active occasion immediately cold come down.

Proper this " new show " because nobody acclaim during advance and retreat is awkward, the Yuan Longping academician that looks on all the time cannot help standing up, straighten one's back gives this intelligence first-class of one invisible champion should remove a soubrette -- so, this breed is in today spring new combination of super cross paddy compares Hainan experiment base the be the champion in fierce arena contest. The father of cross paddy hnows through and through recommend, allow an assembly room immediately once more lively rise. Compete for through 6 rounds, anhui some enterprise bids finally with 6.5 million yuan, obtain this variety exclusive use.
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