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What vernalization seed sells is faster
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The Anhui province hopes the Zhou Zhen of store of river county Hua Yang is long, manage vegetable seed all the year round. Because seminal market competition is very intense, come down one year, eliminate cost expenses, do not earn a few money. Zhou Zhen is long grow the praepostor between vegetable farm to produce, discover vegetable grower most feeling those who have a headache is seminal vernalization difficult. His brainwave easily, made the decision that offers after seminal vernalization.

Zhou Zhen is long love to study agricultural science and technology, he should order hundreds of yuan newspapers and periodicals every year, acquired the technology that uses thermos to make vernalization room make a seed gemmiparous from which. Thermos summer puts ice cube, put hot water in the winter, in bottle stopper central burrow installs a thermometer, according to vegetable seed gemmiparous place needs temperature to try to adjust through ice cube of increase and decrease or hot water. After vernalization equipment is appropriate, he sticks an annunciate: "Seminal vernalization sells, welcome aboard " . His practice is: After the client buys a seed by him free vernalization, after sprouting, inform the client is taken away again. This one action is really quick still, annunciate sticks the first day when go out, before having ten clients, will buy kind. When vegetable grower people see when burning hot summer still can buy those who sent shoot to turn over seed of seasonal asparagus lettuce, it is be overjoyed really, pass 10, 10 pass 100, come round to buy planted person in an endless stream, zhou Zhen is long often so busy that cannot leave hand in, income cans be imagined.