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Do not let paddy seed be done with money measure
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Geometry of social status of a seed? A when held in Changsha yesterday special Fair gives out market reference answer: 11.8 million yuan! This price passes car of world top class name high even -- Laosilaisi is illusive the social status of close ten million. (see on September 16 " Beijing evening paper " )

Trifling a seed, actually the Laosilaisi of as close as social status ten million is illusive place on a par, make the crop common people such as my big open horizon really, probably this is magical glamour is in high-tech product.

Since pass contest price pattern to make over achievement of science and technology, seed of expectation of nature of the person that sponsor becomes popular commodities, quote when the river rises the boat goes up too. Auction result is satisfactory, in joining 23 when contest price trades new breed, "Two actor 1128 " clinch a deal finally with 11.8 million yuan, the person that win the bid nots hesitate principal general seed on the spot " take " , no more than took a fancy to the tremendous business chance of the contain after translate into productivity, after large area is cultivated, inevitable meeting wins overflow get one's own back, to this we need not any concern.

Say to surprise in click of the tongue of new to cross paddy breed at the same time, I am unavoidable the promotion application generation to new breed is anxious one tiny bit. About unit researcher the course tackles key problem assiduously, had gone through hardships development to give new breed, a good news nots less than for this pair of broad farmers, to ensure autarky of commissariat of three hundred million and ten Chinese, ought to popularize application freely as soon as possible. Betray what scientific research achievement goes against cross paddy new breed apparently to gain ground with day price, arouse the enthusiasm of cropper hard not only, and still can produce chain reaction -- cause commissariat price rise, increased pressure to stable market and prices.

We think, chinese mouth is numerous, once appear food crisis, consequence is unimaginable. As agricultural science and technology the branch must be attached most importance to with commonweal career, as to scientific research funds, the country is responsible give with obligation safeguard. If really should achieve close, might as well take international to go up trade, can earn foreign currency already, can benefit complete mankind, we hope so.