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Breeding efforts to create a seed industry pioneer in innovative
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Anhui Hi-Tech, Tsuen Silver Seed Co., Ltd. since its inception in 2002, "to the scientific research as the source of market-oriented, a combination of research, education integrated fan push" development strategy, take the seeds of the leading industry and capital markets Two rounds of both the operation of the road, has become engaged in high-yield, high quality hybrid rice seeds and other research and development, breeding, sales promotion and service of modern seed industry, is the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province, Anhui Province, high-tech enterprises, innovative pilot enterprises in Anhui Province, Hefei, innovative companies, a hundred enterprises demonstration enterprises, the China Association for the Evaluation seed seed industry backbone enterprises in China. At the provincial, municipal science and technology department and the community concern and support, the company in May 26, 2010 GEM at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300087), Department of landing of the first GEM seed industry, through the wing Teng capital market to raise funds to further accelerate the realization of the national "Traditional education push" integration into the modern large-scale seed industry group's goals. First, is committed to breeding technology innovation We always put scientific and technological innovation as a business survival and development of the country, focusing on the breeding front technology investment, by absorbing technology professionals to give technical options (shares), the development assessment system of incentives and other measures, with China Rice Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other ions, China Academy of crops, Huazhong Agricultural University, Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other domestic research institutes to establish research cooperation between the compact, high starting point of aggregation of the six provinces of the country leading breeders resources. Currently, the company in Hainan, Anhui has a research and breeding, parental breeding base, and unique hybrid rice production base of 50,000 mu, etc.. Self-selection and validation of a high quality of 20 new hybrid rice varieties (the Chinese variety trial 7), 2 new varieties of rape, two new varieties of cotton, by the independent intellectual property rights 10 (1 national invention patents, plant 9 new varieties) and the other new applications for invention patents a new species of plants 4. In hybrid rice seed industry in China ranked sixth among the nation's rice export volume of the top three seeds, its leading products, "the new two No.6" was first recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture super rice varieties, but also the Yangtze River the lower reaches of major promotion of two-line hybrid rice varieties. Second, speed up scientific and technological achievements into In 2005, the company was founded in the early stage of development, "High Yield Hybrid Rice security a new type of two No.6 pilot" project is listed as the State Ministry of Science and Agriculture Science and Technology funds the project, transformation of agricultural science and technology funds were 100 million, as private enterprise funded by the farmers to embody the national science and technology management department of the private scientific and technological interest and importance of SMEs. Agriculture Science and Technology funding guidance, and promoting the company's infrastructure to ease the financial pressure to improve the "two excellent new 6" seed quality and yield, accelerate the commercialization and promotion, development and accumulation of funds for the company. So far, the company has undertaken the national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects more than 10, the cumulative promotion of "two excellent new 6" 10 million kilograms or more, to promote an area of 1,000 mu, 100 yuan by acres of total income, 10 income for farmers billion or more, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Third, innovative ways to promote services Company through mechanism innovation, enterprise, agricultural extension departments, distributors together to "set up the stage business, policy guidance, follow-up ATM, farmers benefit," the form, and establish multi-party marketing system and marketing seed extension system, the real "Traditional education push" integration, openness to integration of enterprises, agricultural extension services, seed dealers, farmers and rice processing enterprises, built up from planting to processing, the channel to the brand, multi-co winning platform, the company continued to expand the development of a broad space. Domestic and foreign markets simultaneously. Annual sales in the domestic market accounted for 60%, 40% of exports, the company has 16 provinces in the country established a relatively sound marketing network; foreign markets expand to Indonesia, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries, seed quality, a certain reputation; in Africa and Mozambique, Tanzania and other countries were to try to grow and demonstration and extension work. In 2009, the company achieved sales of more than 800 million kilograms of rice, 163 million in sales revenue, net profit of 34 million yuan and exports worth $ 7,000,000. Fourth, to raise funds to promote the sustainable development Hi-Tech, Tsuen Seed Bank issued 1320 shares of this market, the issue price of 35.60 yuan, 469 million fund-raising, raising funds will invest primarily in "high yield, wide adaptability in two line hybrid rice fan to push the industrialization of education" project associated with the main business and other working capital items. On the one hand, the company headquarters in the establishment of seed finishing center in Hefei, Hefei, and additional breeding and breeding base in Hainan Province, and in Sichuan, Hubei, Guangxi and other places to establish branch offices, occupy the domestic strategy hybrid rice seed points. On the other hand, the use of favorable market conditions, company mergers and acquisitions, into corn, cotton, wheat, rape seed industry, continue to expand domestic and foreign markets. To revitalize the national seed industry to have any, adhere to the modern enterprise system, adhere to the seed industry based industry, innovation, and cultivate fine varieties, bigger and stronger national seed industry, the company for 2012 and achieve annual sales of hybrid rice seeds 3000 kg, operating income of 300 million yuan, total profit and tax 50 million yuan of the "335" business efficiency goals, and become the top seed industry, so as to increase grain production and rural incomes, contribute to the protection of national food security!