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Domestic crisis: sour Na hold Shan of Huo strange male walk on collate
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After domestic soja course of study is controlled, who can become target of foreign capital the next in agricultural domain?

"Once foreign capital is entered, machine link general to be controlled particularly easily by its, if the processing factory is controlled by foreign capital, industry profit drop is controlled lived. " economy of industry of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Cao Jianhai of market lab director say not without anxious ground.

The menace that comes from foreign capital lets domestic farming look forward to be greatly upset: Suffer in soja after assault is controlled, who can become target of foreign capital the next?

   Produce treatment is easy controlled

Since 2001, china opens to the outside world soybean market, foreign enterprise swarms into home ceaselessly, now, foreign capital controlled China the soybean of 85% is actual sum of processes.

After soja treatment is controlled, grain oil machines also emersion situation of foreign capital pilot: In company of 97 large oil of countrywide, foreign capital controlled 64, 66% what hold sum total. "Oil field duplicates the most likely the situation of soja type: Namely the treatment company of 80-90% is controlled by foreign capital. " a personage inside course of study points out.

Analytic personage thinks, foreign capital is satisfied impossibly at soja, still will control agriculture further other sphere.

The closest Coke Cola is bought collecting a source is typical, in domain of beverage of whole fruit juice, occupy the data of AC Nielsen to show, be in early in September 2007, of market of beverage of Chinese fruit juice before 3 strong already parted by Coke Cola, health master, unified hold. More foreign capital march the example of agricultural treatment link may let our exclaim: Cheat ox and Magenshidanli, tall Cheng Yushuang is collected, vessel sunshine with pluvial embellish, finnish Si Daola favour all alone and Huataiji are round...

"From the point of view that protects ethical company, still should restrict foreign commissariat to machine an enterprise to enter. " day agree with each other considers senior analyst Yan Yan to say. The government is new issuance a few policy also let a person see this kind of possibility, on September 3, national hair changes appoint allot " the directive opinion that develops about promoting soja to machine industry health " . "Although policy comes out a bit late, but show the government begins to take seriously at least. But show the government begins to take seriously at least..

"Inside agricultural domain, current be worth investment more with treatment domain, cultivate otherly, breed, include benefit of agricultural research and development even not apparent. " development of country of company division courtyard is institute researcher, famous 3 farming expert Dang Guoying says frankly.

Nevertheless, in agricultural industry catenary the most important segment? ? Chu Yunliu understands link, national control is very tight, agriculture of case of Beijing east moxa seeks advice from He Xuegong of company vise general manager to say: "Chu Yunliu connects link to be mostly inside governmental hand. " in this link, although profit is opposite rich and generous, but foreign capital wants to serve as somewhat, difficulty is greater.
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