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Our country corn will achieve high yield new record this year 156 million tons
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Center of national grain oily information released a report to say yesterday, hopeful of Chinese corn crop achieved 156 million record-breaking tons 2008. Personage of a few markets thinks, in sight of bumper harvest of new this year corn, but cost of be enslaved to be enslaved to rises wait for an element, both sides of market purchase and sale opens level value to all have to new corn anticipate higher. In the meantime, because commissariat buys main body to may decrease, the bumper harvest also will make food source is centered to country and company of state-owned and large food, this will enhance a country to be opposite further the adjusting control ability of corn market.

Center of national grain oily information predicts Chinese corn crop will achieve 156 million record-breaking tons this year, relatively go up year of growth 4.17 million tons, per unit area yield of corn of area of north of its middle east will be in experienced on year the gender restores to rise after severe drought. Countrywide corn sows an area to decrease compared to the same period this year 0.69% , main reason is soja grows corn of benefit prep above, farmer turns partial corn farmland kind of soja.

Crop of Jilin province corn resides the whole nation the first. According to introducing, jilin province corn always sows an area this year 45 million mus, big calamity sex weather did not appear on the whole between growth period. Up to now, the way corp is growing of complete province corn is good. If frost appears,be after September 26, crop will increase than 2007 this year 5% to 10% .

And province of Shandong of second of whole nation of corn crop house, personage of its agriculture hall says, shandong corn sowed an area to be 43 million mus about 2008, prep above forty-two million eight hundred and thirteen thousand four hundred mus of last year; Hopeful of average per unit area yield achieved Shandong corn 2008 430 kilograms, prep above 424.3 kilograms of last year. Predict Shandong corn always is produced this year will achieve 18.49 million tons, prep above 18.16 million tons of last year.

Nevertheless, agriculture produces cost this year relatively rose considerably last year, compressed a farmer greatly grow profit, corn grows profit likelihood under last year. With Shandong the province is exemple, predict 800 yuan or so to every mus of total production value was corn about 2008, but manufacturing cost appears to increase considerably compared to the same period, among them corporeal charge is controlled 400 yuan, increase compared to the same period 70% the left and right sides, hire hands cost also has compared to the same period appear of certain extent rise, because this expects every mus net income,meet relatively dropped last year.

A controller expresses bureau of commissariat of former city of Jilin province pine, with place actual condition looks, the real process capability of company of deep treatment of current and most corn is started not completely, and corn stockpile is at present finite, the manufacturing data price such as together with derv, chemical fertilizer, pesticide rises considerably, the corn production cost of loose former city is added reach 5000 yuan / hectare, accordingly, after the new corn that predicts natural water share appears on the market, price driving a balance won't under last year 0.59 reach 0.63 yuan / jin.
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