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The late rice in Hefei is produced buy situation and price to forecast an analys
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 One, manufacturing situation

This year, during late rice grows in, natural disaster is less, city of together with Hefei carries out rice industry to promote the action energetically, strengthen field managing, country commissariat of strong thrust travel fills continuously, farming endowment fill integratedly continuously, a series of benefit such as thoroughbred allowance, agriculture machinery allowance farming policy, aroused a farmer to plant grain enthusiasm, enlarged commissariat to produce an area, ensured commissariat always is produced firm in have add. The way corp is growing of late long-grained nonglutinous rice is good in the our city this year, high yield already was become finality. From measure at present produce investigation state of affairs to look, production of the late rice in this year shows Hefei city " 3 add one good " posture, namely: The area increases, per unit area yield increases, always produce increase, quality is good last year. Investigate statistic according to branch of commissariat of city, county, late long-grained nonglutinous rice grows an area in whole town 2.56 million mus (include river division among them 50 thousand mus, fat east county 975 thousand mus, fat on the west county 750 thousand mus, long abundant county 788 thousand mus) , than going up year 2.49 million mus increase 2.9% ; Predicting per unit area yield 512 kilograms, than last year 497 kilograms increase 2.9% ; Predict to always produce 1.311 million tons, than last year one million two hundred and thirty-eight thousand one hundred tons increase 5.9% ; At present early semilate rice already was reaped in succession, the last ten-day of a month reaped an end basically in September. Whole town round-grained nonglutinous rice is centered basically in fertilizer the county is taken on the west, cultivate an area to make an appointment with 150 thousand mus, predicting per unit area yield 500 kilograms, predict to always produce 75 thousand tons, round-grained nonglutinous rice each index all good last year.

  2, commodity quantity and buy an amount

The member that because 3 counties of Hefei city go out,lay a worker is more, quantity of autumn food goods is in commonly 50% the left and right sides, predict quantity of commodity of late long-grained nonglutinous rice will amount to 607 thousand tons in this year. According to statistic, company of whole town state-owned food predicts in late long-grained nonglutinous rice buys an amount 481 thousand tons, than going up year 277 thousand tons increase 74% . Among them the urban district 54 thousand tons (area of the river that contain a bag and city belong to an enterprise) , fat east county 150 thousand tons, fat on the west county 147 thousand tons, long abundant county 130 thousand tons.

  3, market price case is reached situation

The value of market purchase and sale in this year is overt prep above last year. Hefei city is at present medium 2007 price of late long-grained nonglutinous rice 90 yuan / 100 a unit of weight, after new paddy appears on the market, predicting market opens pound value to be 90-95 yuan / 100 a unit of weight, later period still can go tall, main reason is: It is the influence that international grain price rises. Since this year, international grain price rises considerably, thailand rice for a time violent wind raises 1000 dollars / ton, although price of grain of near future international somewhat fall after a rise, but the consciousness that grain price goes high is confirmed already in farmer heart. 2 it is the country increases lowest to buy price level considerably this year. To master food source, since this year the minimum that the country raises paddy twice buys price, lowest buys price rise, enhanced the anticipation with bullish farmer; 3 be early long-grained nonglutinous rice " get go up effect " . Early this year long-grained nonglutinous rice leaves high to go high, early long-grained nonglutinous rice drives a pound 95 yuan / 100 a unit of weight, climb for a time rise 105 yuan / 100 a unit of weight, the point of view that compares from prices looks, in price of late long-grained nonglutinous rice won't under early long-grained nonglutinous rice, general tower above 0.02 yuan / jin- - 0.04 yuan / a unit of weight. 4 commissariat cultivate cost to rise ceaselessly. Suffer domestic price total level to rise continuously influence, since 2008, farming endowment the price is common go up raise, farming endowment of the price swift and violent rise all sorts of cost of late long-grained nonglutinous rice in rising, from go up at all drove rice price rise. 5 it is farmer cherish carry out psychology is stronger. During in last few years commissariat is bought, the price shows ascendant trend, commissariat of partial farmer feeling sells early be in an unfavorable situation big, cultivate cost to had grown fast, Ji Xiaomai sufferring midday to sell the influence that be in an unfavorable situation early this year especially, psychology of farmer cherish carry out is aggravating, expectation value is in 100 yuan generally / left and right sides of 100 a unit of weight. 6 it is to lay in enterprise paddy rotate to drive paddy to rise in price further. Because paddy rotate is put in second half of the year to undertake commonly, late long-grained nonglutinous rice buys time in various bear store the enterprise will be entered buy filling library fastigium, it is contention food source at the appointed time the occasion of collective rush in the harvest will appear.
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