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Anhui popularizes wheaten and admirable breed
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Buy a situation according to Xiaomai, bureau of commissariat of the Anhui province recommended high grade, special, efficient wheaten variety to the society recently, it is tobacco grower respectively 19, Zheng Mai 9023, Anhui wheat 38, Anhui wheat 50, Anhui wheat 52, new wheat 18, on the west farming 979 wait. These horniness white wheat fight calamity, high and stable yields, already gave cultivated a farmer to bring good profit.
It is reported, the country began to implement new wheaten country standard formally on May 1 from this year. New standard decides to wheaten hard, soft classification the basis made essential sex change, increased wheaten hardness quota. Union of bureau of this province commissariat saves Xiaomai to buy character to detect completely circumstance, cultivate breed to undertake investigating to wheat. Findings shows, tobacco grower 19, Zheng Mai 9023 wait for horniness Bai Mai qualitative actor price is high; Short wheat of early, Anhui 19, 8802, cease is exhibited 4410, comfort wheat 70, Xuzhou 24, comfort wheat 34 wait for breed to cultivate benefit inferior.