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China should continue to enlarge soja to produce the range of area
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In last few years, chinese soja industry is all the time most a business that allows a government sector to care. According to relevant section preliminary predict, chinese soja entrance will continue to maintain fast growth momentum 2007, entrance gross will be achieved 3 record-breaking, 0 tons, exceed Chinese soja to always be produced (1, 4.4 million tons or so) one times above; Occupy statistic of Ministry of Agriculture at the same time, up to before 2007 3 quarters, chinese soya-bean oil imported a quantity to had achieved 1.938 million tons, the import volume of annual soya-bean oil also will achieve again new tall. On September 22, 2007, the State Council is given out " the opinion that general office of the State Council develops about oil plants production " , from production link emphasized what should restore oil-bearing crops appropriately currently to grow an area in the opinion, want to put the emphasis of breeding on main attack per unit area yield at the same time, standing undersecretary, China wears former Ministry of Agriculture an agricultural scientist and Wang Lianzheng of soja breeding expert express approval greatly to this, at the same time he still combined his soja breeding and promotion to elaborate his soja actually to promote method.
Wang Lianzheng expresses, above all the limits that he hopes the country wants to continue to enlarge soja to produce section from soja layout, is not the section that produces soja only includes thoroughbred allowance area only limit is northeastern reach Inner Mongolia to make an area go up. Because be told from manufacturing area, chinese soybean production includes 3 large area in fact: It is area of north spring soja respectively (include 6, 0 mus northeast and Inner Mongolia make a division, with 3, 0 mus China north north makes a division) ; Sea of yellow the Huaihe River and western Xia Dadou makes a division, grow an area 4, 0 mus or so; Catchment of the Yangtse River with south make a division, grow an area 2, 0 mus or so. That is to say, chinese soybean production makes a division besides the most important northeast and Inner Mongolia outside, what still have 8889 mus is other make a division, and the demand because of the market is big, other the soja that makes a division cultivates an area to be in in the near future inside the space that still will one continues to grow. So Wang Lianzheng suggests: Increase of the area appropriately to promote Chinese soja, the hope is relevant and decision-making branch can will other the main area that Chinese soja includes production like making a division, give aid to in finance and the policy such as thoroughbred allowance the support with go up to give likewise certain.
The State Council puts the breeding emphasis of Chinese oil-bearing crops on main attack per unit area yield above all, the practice of admirable breed is opposite the soja that Wang Lianzheng becomes by his Yo through promotion this can say is to have experience greatly, he is deep-felt also at the same time the promotion that experiences an admirable breed, still need to one is cover handy of easy travel " goofy technology " . He says, because wait for crop photograph to compare with corn, at present the comparison of soja economic benefits is relatively inferior, so the first direction of soja breeding is mu of income that should increase crop to plant soybean with increasing a farmer directly. Soja breed carried national variety 2001 authorized, the variety that carried 6 province city of Anhui, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Liaoning, Tianjin, Beijing in succession again later is authorized, be in weak point in promotion time of 6 years, the promotion area 2006 achieves 4.96 million mus, rank the whole nation the 2nd, popularized again 2007 1, 0 mus or so, became the whole nation to spread the soya bean with the largest area one of admirable breed. Why? Reason has 3: One, high yield high protein. Chinese soja is average mu produce it is 126 kilograms, abroad develops agricultural country soja is average mu produce for 180- - 190 kilograms, and average mu produce for 200 kilograms of above, highest promotion mu produce Ceng Da to arrive 300 kilograms of above (for data of Shanxi assist wall) , protein content is 45.8% . 2, adaptability is wide, fight a gender strong. Wait for 10 promotion that visit town in Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi, Heibei, Sichuan, Liaoning, Tianjin, Beijing at present, spanned 23 latitude. At the same time resistant to lodging, fight mosaic, fight waterlogged (cross water 35 days to do not have a thing) . 3, help advance somebody's career technology " goofy change " , the farmer is accepted easily. As an admirable breed, in cultivate on should obtain high yield to need to choose fecund, drain off water the plot of condition of good, water having fill, want to notice careful soil preparation at the same time, those who increase soil is organic qualitative, want to water in time when drought, should say this is the essential condition that an admirable breed obtains high yield. Besides, help advance somebody's career the technology is very handy easy travel, be accepted easily by the farmer and carry out.
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