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Hot seed show Who played the leading role
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Harbin, China Seed Expo 2010, 10, ended. 3 days of exhibition, although all the booths are very popular, but conceal the domestic seed enterprises in the face of strong foreign weakness --- DuPont Pioneer is planning a variety of corn seed market to a half of Jilin Province; the country's largest vegetable seven production bases in Shouguang are foreign species into the seed ... ... Among the many exhibitors, the global seed industry giant Monsanto subsidiary Seminis Seeds (Beijing) Co., Ltd. showed its prowess, not only outstanding booth design, and even above them the green pepper, cabbage and all with a " International Fan child "--- in its panels, reporters saw this sentence: In 1865, Seminis," the old "brand Ya Shige vegetable seed company. But while the domestic seed companies up to 20 years. This pattern, scattered and weak domestic seed companies have a situation of seemingly reasonable explanation. Shouguang vegetable mostly foreign identity It is understood that China's largest vegetable production bases in Shouguang, 70% -80% vegetable varieties are developed such enterprises as Seminis foreign varieties. "'XI' before and after, Shouguang full of people, all around the seed companies to collect seed," one official told reporters the province seed companies, "to receive, and now should have been transported by truck back a. " It turned out that many seed companies received from the hands of farmers to seed, or direct sale of these foreign species, or to them as parents for hybridization with native species. Are said to carry "foreign dominant gene," the seed "is useful." As the world's largest seed company, Monsanto's well-known brands, Seminis since the last century, entered China in the early 90s, many fruit and vegetable seeds in the field has become a "boss." Seminis head office in Shenyang Liu Yang bluntly, "who mastered the resources, grasps the seed market." So far, Seminis breeding programs with 1.5 million --- which is the largest and most abundant vegetables, fruits Seed origin information database. Liu Yang told reporters, Monsanto Life Sciences Research Centre of the daily R & D investment of up to $ 3,500,000, total R & D investment last year reached 1.3 billion dollars, "they developed a 'good seed' is not surprising." Done at the show site for farmers to explain the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Research Institute in Guo-Liang told the reporter of corn, a breeding expert, from the breeding material to numerous experiments, to use at least 8 to 10 years to breed a new variety. "And many seed companies with foreign and local varieties of hybrid seeds look to be the 'new variety' in the name of quick profits." Appears in the Guo-Liang, indirect effects have been produced: the long run, to combat the domestic seed industry independent research and development initiative. Foreign Seed "brute" by the sale of species Previously because "Xianyu335 event" the highly anticipated DuPont Pioneer did not participate in the show, but still become a conversation not open around the focus. It is understood that the "first Jade" series accounted for half of the country in Jilin Province has become the largest local maize types. As the "first Jade 335" applies only to the first accumulated temperature zone, strong regional. Located in the third and fourth accumulated with the Omaha, seed corn currently accounts for only 5% market share, the province is less certain. But reporters had learned that DuPont Pioneer Seed has set up a breeding base in Tieling, Agriculture Commission in charge of production at the thought, "to adapt to a more extensive area in northeast seed sooner or later they'll come up." In fact, Seminis has developed a plant for the south of the "Cadillac" of new varieties of maize, the vast market of Heilongjiang they naturally would not give up. According to reports, DuPont Pioneer announced in the Chinese market share of 8%, but the actual sales figures have far exceeded the ratio. This is because a large number of people to "jade first 335" as the parents bred seeds, they are some kind of sale prices and dealer decks, as a profit. Then, magic has always been to marketing as a foreign-funded enterprises, how it will turn a blind eye? In this regard, Liu Yang analysis that sell seeds and other commodities to sell is different from its initial sales can "simple and crude." "If variety is good, farmers planted, there is a good harvest, a natural market niche." Liu Yang said that only appear evenly matched competitors, foreign-funded enterprises will use "marketing strategy." Jade on the first "case" is concerned, one kind of person in charge of enterprise, at present, the market price of the first 100 jade 335 yuan / bag, if the price dropped to 60 yuan, "deck" of the profit margins to be compressed away. "'Deck' has become a trend for the 'first jade' word of mouth brought the power, once the vanguard of companies playing the price war, farmers will have the full confidence to buy their products, while the 'suits' seeds to far away from the dead." The impact of foreign capital or boost the industry to upgrade "Seed Industry Fair" seems popular every family, in fact, insiders admitted that all domestic seed companies together, unable to compete with Monsanto company. The seeds of many domestic enterprises are able to survive so far, benefited from the country, "foreign company shall not controlled seed industry joint venture," the "threshold." However, large-scale foreign investment into China's seed industry is an indisputable fact of the harm, mainly the destruction of the local crop characteristics and the impact on the local seed industry. For farmers to buy seed production does not matter who, as long as it is a good species. "The output value of more than two or three pounds an acre of land, the farmers of course, kind of love." One kind of corporate executives said. However, a single product grown too large, once the disease lead to reduced production, food security will trigger a series of destructive reactions. In addition, once the foreign-funded enterprises playing the price war, the domestic seed industry is likely to round it goes, eventually the foundation will be completely lost --- the seeds of agricultural pricing. Reporters outside the show that recently the city of Harbin Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park started construction of the first five industrial projects, there are three items relating to Seed Industry Development in Heilongjiang Province. Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Heilongjiang Xufeng Xufeng good seed production agricultural processing project is one of 3. The project manager Gengshu Dong said that at present it seems, because of Heilongjiang Province is located in remote, cold weather, easy to adapt to foreign varieties, the impact of smaller seed industry by foreign capital, which gave the seed industry in Heilongjiang Province, a good opportunity to catch up. Gengshu Dong believes that the impact of foreign seed industry is inevitable, but on the other hand, this may become a domestic industry to upgrade the booster --- to find his good varieties, use of product superiority, have a chance to talk to foreign investors to compete . In Gengshu Dong view, the most important domestic enterprises are not busy, "pirated" or depressed, but should learn more from foreign-funded enterprises, "a good thing to take over foreign countries, such as research methods, marketing strategies, etc, and then adapted for the development of new varieties in the local. "