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Tianhe seed industry to participate in China seed industry experience working
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In order to promote seed industry in China the depth of research institutions and enterprises integration, and vigorously promote the effectiveness of enterprise cooperation Seed Division, to promote national seed industry bigger and stronger, Nov. 30, the Chinese seed industry experience exchange Section enterprise cooperation held in Beijing. Tianhe seed industry as a business representatives invited by the real king, general manager of General Counsel to carry Zhang Bin, Li Jie, director of strategic development attended the meeting. The meeting organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Science and Education contractor, Vice Minister Zhang Taolin the Ministry of Agriculture attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The meeting summed up and exchanged experience in seed industry research cooperation, showing the results of seed industry research cooperation, research and further advance the deployment of the Combination of seed industry focus, to promote the seed industry breakthrough technological innovation, enhance competition in national seed industry , the promotion of large-scale development of agricultural production. At the meeting, Tianhe seed industry shows the latest independent research and development in scientific research, production and research cooperation and the day Wo seed strategy, and careful communication with you honored guests and Foreign Co-operation, product development, received good display and exchange effect.