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Guangxi is prevented in time accuse " two change " the pest redeems early rice l
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The reporter cultivated industry government to manage understanding arrives from the Ministry of Agriculture recently, this year Guangxi early rice " two change " the pest breaks out often, major rice field happens 1, 2, produce area and harm degree to be the history infrequent, serious minatory commissariat produces safety. Guangxi municipality is various government and agricultural department are urgent the action, took a series of strong step, already redeemed loss of early rice crop 2.5 billion jins.

"Two change " even if coil,the pest is plant hopper pointing to paddy, paddy this two big change fly to foliaceous snout moth's larva sexual pest, guangxi is " two change " the pest the first station from our country of the ingoing outside the condition, also be production of our country early rice is main to harm an area.

Be aimed at the situation of a disaster, guangxi municipality puts forward clearly: "Right derelict cause paddy plant hopper to connect piece to kill cause disaster, want severity to find out place to concern the leader's responsibility. " as we have learned, prophylaxis and treatment of lash-up of arrangement of various place finance is special capital 10.83 million yuan, increase pair of paddy plant diseases and insect pests to prevent the supportive strength that controls the job. Agricultural hall organizes concerned expert, consider " two change " flying way of pest happening rule and change, the paddy that knows the circumjacent state such as Vietnam, Thailand is produced and " two change " circumstance of pest happening prevention and cure, released in time " two change " forecast of pest happening trend; Organize various plant to protect an orgnaization, strengthen ill bug to monitor early-warning; Establish socialization, specialization ill bug prevention and cure serves a line (machine prevent a team) 166, deploy motor-driven atomizer 2500, pesticide of reserve lash-up prevention and cure many tons 1000, do good lash-up to prevent the each preparation job that control ahead of schedule.

Hall of Guangxi municipality agriculture still is popularized energetically " agricultural prevention and cure controls base, science accuses to be with medicine kill, hurried of protective natural enemy is balanced " integrated technology mode. Current, whole area already configured frequency brace up the lamp that kill insect many 60 thousand, and the pisciculture of rice field of promotion of form a complete set, mode that raise duck, the pest that makes the lamp is killed becomes the fodder of fish, duck, change kill for benefit, benefit of economic benefits, society and zoology benefit are very distinct. According to calculating, area of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment is commonner than the farmer area of prevention and cure is average paddy of every mus of increase production 20 ~ 60 kilograms, reduce pesticide cost 20 ~ 30 yuan, economic and artificial 10 ~ 20 yuan.

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