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U.N. issues warning of global wheat contagion
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U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization expressed a few days ago, iran western basically produce an area wheatenly to discover a kind to send bacterium of rust of stalk of ill sex wheat high, remind Si Tan of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Turkmen, Wu Ci the wheat to the south of the Iran such as Biekesitan and Kazakstan Si Tan produces a country height is vigilant, its crop may be planted by this the enroach on of plant diseases and insect pests.

Food and Agricultural Organization says, bacterium of rust of this kind of stalk appeared in Uganda first 1999, name Ug99 consequently, subsequently this kind of fungus passes into Kenya and Ethiopia, spanned by East Africa 2007 the Red Sea lands Yemen, more original than East Africa bacterium plants the Ug99 mutation that appears in Yemen to be provided more ruinous. This organization expresses, the spore of bacterium of wheaten stalk rust can transmit very far place along with wind, span even different mainland. According to the expert's estimation, the 80%% in all and wheaten breed does not have Asia and Africa to become rusty to stalk the counteractive ability of bacterium.

Food and Agricultural Organization is in to wheaten stalk rust of Iran spread the condition is very unstable, rate of afraid fungus infection is too rapid, the likelihood lowers wheaten yield badly. 20 centuries 80 time end, a kind of as similar as stalk rust photograph wheaten disease -- , wheaten yellow rust is in East Africa to appear first namely, pass Yemen next, affect then middle east and in inferior area, cause global wheat a large number of reduction of output. The country that U.N. is affected for this appeal by plant diseases and insect pests and international society adopt positive step to control the transmission of stalk rust bacterium, lest stalk rust bacterium causes wheaten and serious reduction in production, price of grain of international market of farther drive up. In the meantime, proposal of Food and Agricultural Organization, the scientist should be developed can resist for a long time the wheaten breed of Ug99, make these breed are in suffer an influence to area of country and high risk is able to gain ground and be popularized.