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Henan wheat plant diseases and insect pests enters harm peak
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Current Henan saves wheaten plant diseases and insect pests to had been entered produce harm fastigium. The newest and wheaten plant diseases and insect pests that releases according to visitting agricultural office is monitored show, in April since the middle ten days of a month, because rainfall is enough,Henan visits major area, field humidity is big, wheaten stripe rust happens spread, ~ is county of 24 days of breath, new on April 21 Cai, wash rice plain and other places discovers wheaten stripe rust comes on in succession center.

As we have learned, wheaten stripe rust is one of wheaten rust. Wheaten rust common says " icteric disease " , rust of cent stripe rust, stalk, leaf rust 3 kinds, it is our country wheat wide, transmission distributings on production fast, endanger the important disease with large area. Happen with wheaten stripe rust among them most general and serious. The basis is monitored, on April 21, breath county discovery comes on 4 pieces cornfield, more than mus 20, foliaceous rust is mixed unripe, the biggest come on the center amounts to 1.7 square metre, the leaf leads average disease 2.7% , lead badly 25% . On April 22, new Cai county spreads village of countryside crossbeam village to discover a rust comes on in 10 lis center, inside the center sick leaf 38, spend 1 ~ badly 3 class, belong to, foliaceous rust is mixed unripe. On April 24, wash rice plain county is the flood river in area of red river library, Cheng Wan, large Shi Qiao, on the west yellow, Mao Tang 5 villages and towns, investigate 60 cornfield, discover stripe rust 4, 4 pass ill center, area 2 square metre of 0.1 ~ , rate of the diseased or infected plant inside the center is as high as 85 % , ill leaf leads 43.6 % , spend 1 ~ badly 3 class, the person that weigh 4 class above, with in upside lamina comes on be in the majority.

Province agriculture hall already asked branch of each district plant protection wants to launch general investigation of land for growing field crops as soon as possible, act on " discovery a bit, prevent and cure one " principle, constituent force undertakes gush medicine prevents and cure, strive to control its harm lowest. The member that at the same time requirement each district measures journalist stands fast post, discover the illness wants to appear in the newspaper instantly, release ill bug information in time, directive masses is timely prevent and cure.