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Jiangsu 5-7 month takes strict precautions against paddy stripe leaf blight
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Jiangsu saves aricultural hall to issued an announcement recently, requirement each district is captured 5 to the crucial period that paddy stripe leaf blight prevented and cure in July, early preparation, early plan, science does work of good prophylaxis and treatment, control of loss of effort general harm is in 3% the following, ensure bumper harvest of rice bumper crop.

According to current cornfield ash plant hopper bug is measured, the crucial factor analysis of the popularity of leaf blight of influence paddy stripe such as the rate that take poison, I save paddy stripe leaf blight to present serious and popular state this year, to paddy production will constitute serious menace.

Paddy of union of each district of requirement of province aricultural hall is thoroughbred of allowance project carry out, big thrust is wide high grade, high yield, fight be able to bear or endure ill breed, comfortable period Chi Bo. To paddy of groovy and artificial transplant, north of the Huaihe River sows time to should be controlled on May 10 around, control of river the Huaihe River is in on May 15 around, su Na is controlled on May 20 around; To direct seeding paddy, su Na is sowed period not late on June 15, su Zhong is not late on June 10; Machine of extensive small young plant inserts big thrust, Xiaomiao is cast grow etc light-duty help advance somebody's career measure, defer moderately sow period, fastigium of rice seedling bed of ingoing of escape grey plant hopper, reduce a harm. After paddy sows, should use insect-resistant net or cover rice seedling bed without the whole journey that spin cloth, prevent thorn of grey plant hopper to suck send poison, reduce pesticide to use. Science carries out chemical prevention and cure. Strengthening the prevention and cure of cornfield generation grey plant hopper, base that develops drug seed soaking to go up, the key catchs ingoing of imago of generation of good rice seedling bed to fill period, this Tian Ersan generation is low age nymph fastigium prevention and cure works. Fight sensibility according to paddy breed, sow grow means, area poisonous insect quantity, affirmatory rice seedling bed and originally cropland period uses drug interval period and frequency of prevention and cure. To coming on rice seedling bed reachs land for growing field crops, should pull out in time diseased or infected plant, reduce field poison source, number of individual plant of every acupuncture point increases appropriately when transplant, assure amount of main young plant. This cropland hair diseased or infected plant leads 70% the following field piece, want to strengthen fat conduit to manage, make full use of paddy tillering sex the character with compensation strong, strong capability, apply early appropriately, add apply fertilizer of turn green tillering, promote early hair, make sure effective tillering amount and effective spic are counted.

Announcement requirement, aggrandizement of various agriculture department monitors forecast, seasonable and accurate control produce trends. The middle ten days of a month came in May the last ten-day of a month is crucial in June period of time, each area measures newspaper station to want 2 days every to check one newspaper. Each district should advance plant protection to specialization energetically prevention and cure serves, strive leaf blight of stripe of rice seedling bed specializations all is prevented regnant enclothe rate more than 50% , this cropland exceeds 40% , grain high production founds mobile demonstrative area to amount to 100% .
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