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Before wheaten expert reminds wheat harvest, should have done 3 prevent
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On May 9 morning, countrywide wheaten high yield founds spot view and emulate and wheat harvest the ceremony of 2008 conduct propaganda that start is held ceremoniously in slippery county. The conference emphasizes, when be apart from bedding face of summer harvest wheat to accumulate results to still have 20 many days at present, be worth the crucial period that wheaten crop forms, should in order to protect a root, ensure a part of a historical period, prevent premature senility to be main attack direction, the key has been caught prevent dry sirocco, irrigate plant diseases and insect pests of water of form a vesicle, prevention and cure to wait for crucial step, cogent accomplish wheaten crop to be less than a hand, management is not loosened one day.

The expert that attends the meeting points out, to the Xiaomai management before summer harvest, should emphasize had caught the following 3 respects: Want to prevent dry sirocco. In wheaten grouting initial stage and metaphase, to plant each gush 0.2% ~ the phosphoric acid of 0.3% solution of 2 hydrogen Potassium, enhance plant to protect hydraulic, rise resist dry sirocco ability; Advocate insecticide, antiseptic and phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium mix match employ, implementation prevents disease, treat bug, prevent dry sirocco " one gush 3 prevent " . 2 should irrigate water of form a vesicle. In the 10 ~ after wheat blossoms initial stage of 15 days of grouting waters, lengthen blade and root system function period, stimulative grouting is strong, avoid fresh gale day to water, in case lodging. 3 want plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure. Pay close attention to stripe rust, powdery mildew, aphid closely to wait for happening of plant diseases and insect pests to develop trends, had done calculate forecast, directive farmer chooses the appropriate pesticide breed, opportunity that use drug and employ method, improve result of prevention and cure.