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Suitable justice crop pesticide is damaged compensate for
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Recently, beijing arranges judge of court of Yang Zhen of court of justice division people to risk details of a case of test of survey of spot of intense heat of summer, on the spot mediate a property damages issue that because of blowing the day makes pesticide send farmer crops to be killed by medicine, make the legitimate rights and interests of one farmer gets in time maintenance.

It is reported, wang Mou and Sun Mou contracted twice respectively a few mus of the village cultivate the land, there are vegetable and melon and fruit in the ground. Spring 2008, wang Mou makes agriculture chemical to the crop of oneself, because did not note the factor of weather, partial pesticide suffers what the action of wind direction blows Sun Mou to cultivate the land in. Passed a few days, sun Mou sees the watermelon fry in oneself ground and aubergine fry bedding face accumulate the wither that hit fade, and appear on leaf get cankerous spot. Sun Mou thinks this is the result that got medicine to kill, reason will hit the Wang Mou of pesticide to sue to the court in adjacent home land, the pecuniary loss that asks Wang Mou compensates for Sun Mou watermelon, aubergine more than yuan 10000.

Once this case is accepted, undertake judge Xiao Chengsheng thinks experience farming case is different from bagatelle, and considering is crop currently by grow the crucial season that turns to maturity, damage consequence to avoid to expand, in understanding case after initial case, have collate test to the spot together with clerk.

The weather July is damp and fuggy, that day many degrees 30 air temperature, xiao Chengsheng and clerk are in piece there are spot survey produce the expected result and record fastidiously in farmhouse ground. Contrast in as congener as what grow normally crop, after asking ask via local agriculture department again, cognizance Sun Mou cultivates the crop current situation in the ground is greatly kill by medicine bring about. In dispute spot, the accused Wang Mou approbated oneself finally to belong to the belongings that disobeys natural condition to hit pesticide to cause another person to damage, but the number of on 10 thousand yuan of compensation that with respect to accuser Sun Mou raises cannot be accepted tardy.

To this, be like a judge to be dissolve dispute in time, the appraise caustic result that is like application to await professional appraisal orgnaization to bilateral illuminate, delay farming season necessarily, what also affect both sides is agronomic. There is the case that negotiates room to fall in both sides, computation of limits of real fall victim gives the crop after be like produce the expected result of judge basis survey normal belongings loss, chair mediation below the premise with bilateral consentient party, by the accused Wang Mou recoups actual pecuniary loss 5300 yuan, the legitimate rights and interests of accuser Sun Mou gets in time maintenance.

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