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Pesticide mixes broomcorn is planted claim for compensation of 39 mus of loss de
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Xu Jingtao of farmer of county of loose former long mountain range is the closest very anxious, because of the reason of pesticide, his 39 hectare broomcorn is about soon grain is not had close. Yesterday, talk things over for many times not the rights and interests that the Xu Jingtao of fruit prepares to safeguard his with legal measure.

  In 39 hectare broomcorn " poison "

On May 13, xu Jingtao is in the 39 hectare ground that contract, kind issued Cong Changling the county is baronial kind of broomcorn seed that course of study buys. Passed not long, he discovers the broomcorn some in the ground is long not emerge, some root ministries are cankered and dead. Xu Jingtao considers as the problem of pesticide, mix baronial kind course of study talks things over. On June 9, baronial kind of course of study is contributive undertook reseed for him. Can pass many days 10, the seedling in ground of Xu Jingtao discovery appeared again the circumstance with before.

The reporter sees in Xu Jingtao's ground yesterday, the broomcorn discretion that grows in his home land not all, highest do not cross half meters, the shortest still is a few centimeters tall Xiaomiao. And it is all round his home land, the broomcorn that others home plants healthy and strong grows, average height can achieve 1 meter or so. Xu Jingtao conveniently pulls out seedling of a few individual plant, contrast with normal seedling, the rice shoot that can see his home apparently not only small, and root ministry has some of aglow canker.

  Farmer desire claim for compensation 180 thousand

Xu Jingtao thinks, the Miao Changde of own home is bad, it is the problem because of pesticide. Although he was planted 20 old ground, but still be a head kind of broomcorn. In redemptive seed while, he still was bought " food grains other than wheat and rice fights agent of seed dressing of heavy stubble biology " , agent of a bottle of seed dressing is accessary 50 grams are virulent pesticide armour mixes phosphor. Before sow, advisory armour of kinds of his Ceng Xianghong is big course of study mixes use problem of phosphor. Gotten result is, every 80 jins of seeds mix 50 grams armour to mix phosphor, use at the same time with seed dressing agent.

Discovery grows in the ground not emerge, xu Jingtao is dialed for many times " 12316 " hot line of agricultural news service undertakes advisory. Although pick up the telephone every time the expert is different, but everybody thinks, because virulent pesticide armour mixes,Xu Jingtao's ground is phosphor brings about seedling to die. Xu Jingtao says, "I am found baronial kind of course of study, the course talks things over, they agree with contributive reseed. Reseed when did not mix any pesticide, but the seedling is dead still. I consult an expert, because the relation of pesticide still remains in land,the expert tells me is. These ground will be affected possibly one year henceforth. These ground will be affected possibly one year henceforth..
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