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Farming asset tastes an experiment to fail melon farming damage obtains compensa
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Enterprise free is melon farming to provide scientific help, experimenting melon farming loss is caused however when farming division product, a few days ago, division people court is collected to make first instance adjudicate to desk of issue of this property damages south Shanghai, company of science and technology of Shanghai some agriculture should give pay melon farming Mr Li penalty due to breach of contract sixty-eight thousand four hundred yuan; Recoup its pecuniary loss 3240 yuan.

In October 2006, the area is collected south Mr Li and farming family company sign melon farming " technical cooperation agreement " , the agreement is used " the four seasons is the same as happy " product of series of agricultural soil conditioner will solve problem of barrier of watermelon continuous cropping; Regard an experiment as cropland the ground of 15 mus of watermelon that contract by Mr Li; The mortality of every mus of seedling in the experiment not prep above 10% . The manufacturing cost that determines ground of every mus of melon is 7600 yuan, if the experiment fails,Mr Li assumes 40%/ every mus, the company assumes 60%/ every mus. After the agreement is signed, the test program that Mr Li just offers by the company undertakes watermelon help advance somebody's career. Later, watermelon plant produces blight death phenomenon in succession. Company square although take step of certain prevention and cure, but the effect is very not ideal. Between March-April 2007, company staff member is counted to dead plant to experiment base have check the amount, add up to has death of 3749 individual plant.

Of the same age July, mr Li Xiang Na collects district court to lodge a complaint. Mr Li appeals to say, the company says its are had " the four seasons is the same as happy " agricultural soil conditioner can solve problem of barrier of watermelon continuous cropping, let oneself offer land and acquire establishment has production. However, product test is far from successful, watermelon plant dies in great quantities, cause cost investment to not have return, cause huge pecuniary loss, reason request is sentenced lawfully your farming family company bears loss of melon land cost sixty-eight thousand four hundred yuan, bear loss of farming season of incur loss through delay seventy-nine thousand six hundred yuan.

Argue of farming family company says, the company is according to the contract the agreement is used " the four seasons is the same as happy " product, mr Li sold a large number of watermelon early or late, cost investment is not had return to not agree with with the fact. Surviving rate obtains this second melon young animal 99% , the experiment scored a success. Experiment base because of blight come on, cause Mr Li's certain pecuniary loss really, but cause losing prime cause to depend on Mr Li him gentleman field exercise is undeserved, refus does not take step of necessary prevention and cure, the proposal that just offers to the company does not grant to adopt, for this, the loss should be assumed by its individual, reason requests to reject the litigant request of Mr Li.
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