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The reparations of too slow agency with long seed of kind brook young soya bean
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Recently, there is the farmer that produced one origin crop to growth period is deferred and be caused to complain in Ci Xi, the seed of a batch of young soya bean that one seed dealer sells because of its " grow too slow " and the compensation that made 10 thousand yuan.

The agency that make a last name is kind brook day yuan the seed of the town is planted seedling supplier. Last year the end of the year when, 4 farmer such as the Sang Baolian that lives in village of abundant of alcalde of river of Ci Xi's mayor come in the shop that make, press every kilogram 12 yuan of prices, bought 80 kilogram " division yuan 10 " seed of young soya bean. This year after the Spring Festival, the farmer such as Sang Baolian sowed these young soya bean to go down, pack the specification on bag by the seed, after seeds of these young soya bean are sowing, 4 months can be harvested. However, couplet of treasure of mulberry of after the event discover however, these planting the actual growth period of the seedling was deferred 20 days accidentally however. When Sang Baolian is equal, discover, because these planting,Miao Sheng is deferred for a long time, the incur loss through delay of the harvest of young soya bean also makes these produce from " popular goods " became " drug " . Because according to regular season harvest is calculated, these young soya bean can increase 2500 yuan income every mus for farmer, but because of 20 come of the day defer, value of market of young soya bean already fell greatly considerably, every mus of income had fallen 1000 yuan, the loss of 4 farmer accumulative total such as Sang Baolian amounts to 20 thousand yuan or so. After discovering this loss, the 4 farmer such as mulberry find seminal dealer to make some have negotiation, but at that time, command the price that agrees to compensate for a seed only plan 960 yuan.

To this, the person such as Sang Baolian feels cannot accept, consume this matter to long abundant village the contact that dimension authority contact nods member Zhang Weihao had report. Piece after the report that heard these 4 farmer, protect in time with disappear appoint endless flow branch undertook contacting, undertook investigating to the course of whole episode. Final seed distributors made some because seasonal time difference caused a loss to farmer,admit, promised one-time compensation on July 31 4 farmer all sorts of pecuniary loss add up to 10 thousand yuan.