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Buy low corn is planted grain of 40 mus of ground is not had close
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Buy low corn plants this wanting that get a bumper harvest, those who change is the straw ground of flocks and herds of a feed however, cause 8000 yuan pecuniary loss finally.

In March 2007, be spring ploughing busy season, when Zhao Xinzheng of villager of Ren Duncun of announce of countryside of ground nest fort buys corn seed be anxious to fail, retired worker Ma Huan comes to field of happen to seedling string of door, after he is informed Zhao Xin's difficulties that one is reluctant to mention, put forward actively to sell him the corn seed in him home.

Ancient bronze mirror then the friend concerns, ma Huan with every kilograms 2.5 yuan of market price (cost price 5 yuan) sold Zhao Xin corn seed. Telling Zhao Xin these corn seeds is him 2006 from kind seedling field collects in experiment cropland, ma Huan approves seminal breed, crop to also do not understand to this.

However, these collect the increase production breed that the seed that come is kind of seedling field test so from cropland of seedling field test, after Zhao Xin was using the seed that Ma Huan sells, when was being reaped in October 2007, corn compares increase production of in former years every mus 50 kilograms, accident big bumper harvest makes Zhao new be overjoyed.

Before you can say Jack Robinson arrived 2008 spring ploughing season, zhao Xin did not buy corn to plant to normal seminal company, be bought however again.

See Zhao Xin buys a seed again, ma Huan experimented him in seedling field last year the corn seed of the picking up in cropland, sold 40 mus use amount to Zhao Xin with money of every kilograms of 4 2 wool.

In March, zhao Xin sowed seed of this batch of corn the ground in, he is looking forward to the autumn obtains a bumper harvest again this year.

July, wait for corn to grow after shaping, what Zhao Xin discovers to grow in the ground is the memory corn that raw material makes when feed of flocks and herds. Use of this kind of corn is to be used at feed of flocks and herds, so straw grows exuberantly, but corn crop is done not have almost, market price is cheaper than common corn also.

Look at this straw ground, zhao Xin thinks he is deceived, go looking for Ma Huan to ask he recoups all pecuniary loss theoretically.

The corn seed that Ma Huan does not know to sell Zhao new corn seed and in former years with oneself is not same reject to compensate for for breed. Both sides talks things over because of sticking to one's argument without if really, will to announce Ren Duncun mediate committee.

Tone appoint met a staff member have thorough investigation to this matter, reached following agreements via mediating both sides: Both sides assumes the responsibility of 50% each; Ma Huan with every mus of 200 yuan standard, compensate for Zhao Xin pecuniary loss to add up to 8000 yuan.

Zhaore of office of attorney of Xinjiang gentleman coronal becomes a lawyer: This case deals twice medium behavior all is illegal behavior, sell just did not obtain management license to have no right to sell a seed, the behavior of reason Ma Huan attributes illegal sale, merit is punished to administration. Sell Zhao Xinyu the 2nd times rice seed, because his illegal behavior causes buyer pecuniary loss, he ought to assume corresponding civil responsibility.
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