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Bureau of collect lake quarantine is intercepted and capture not quarantine Japa
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Recently, luo Hu examines the staff member is in quarantine bureau enter a country the passenger carries the wild cabbage seed that one box intercepts and capture to originate in Japan formerly in content (Cabbage Seed) , in all 10.25 kilograms. According to passenger an account in one's own words, this batches of seeds are imported from Japan by branch of its Hong Kong, carry through brigade check passageway enter a country, it is to avoid to deal with " trival " quarantine examines and approve formalities.

According to our country " condition of pass in and out uses plant quarantine method " concerned regulation: Carry the progenitive material such as plant seed, nursery stock to enter a country, must deal with to quarantine branch ahead of schedule examine and approve formalities, classics quarantine qualification just can enter a country, otherwise uniform and forbidden carry enter a country. In check out procedure, the passenger did not show quarantine to examine and approve a proof, just produced the quarantine letter that Japanese aricultural fishing is in charge of a branch to issue, and the input area that the staff member still discovers this certificate is Hong Kong, and seminal weight and actual not conform to, this bureau already undertook handling to afore-mentioned article lawfully.

Enter a country plant quarantine is international convention, our country law breeds to the plant the condition of pass in and out of material also is having strict regulation, but because be afraid of,still have partial guest " trival " , the heart is put fluky, intentional benefit escapes with brigade check passageway superintend.

In recent years, the plant breed material that brigade check port seizes often, sort includes plant seed, nursery stock, transplant a cutting, bulb to wait, little imagine, once belt of will evil living things enters a country, the aricultural animal husbandry that gives country production brings great harm.