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Shenyang Dong Ling
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When 9 farmers take compensation, the long seminal consumption that worries half an year together is complained case, drew satisfactory full stop eventually.

On June 26, a flock of indignant farmers develop Dong Ling industrial and commercial place, call Shenyang Dong Ling some seed company sells false seed hole farming is killed farming. So this year in March, live in celestial being of peach of Dong Ling area to press down 9 farmers at village, cent second in Shenyang some seed company bought more than kilograms 200 " Shen Nong 20 " corn seed, beginning of spring seeded many mus of 80 ground. De Xiaomiao was brushed together in April brush came up out of land. Can not pass a few days to give an issue, some of small young plant grows quickly, some grows slow, some hair are yellow toward time exert all one's strength.

Passed a few days again, the young crops with yellow hair died 3 into, what did not die also is on any account is not neat " 3 kinds of seedlings " . Glossy dark green already was crossing young crops of ground seeing neighbour together genu, and height returns oneself ground young crops not together to did not build land for building, a few farmers again insufferable also, maintaining is seminal problem, began complained journey.

What industrial and commercial place checks a farmer is effective after the proof that buy goods and fact, decide put on record is accepted. Begin, agency insists a seed to be no problem readily, must the farmer takes out seminal survey report to confirm seminal existence problem. Classics thresh works, dealer shows, detecting without exact science below premise, can assume partial liability to pay compensation only, the farmer also accepted the opinion of agency. After the circumstance did the shortfall in output to the farmer to be evaluated on the spot, both sides comes to an agreement finally, by before normal time crop is maintained, likelihood every mus of reduction of output 200 kilograms, break 280 yuan of losses, cash of farmer of every mus of seminal company reparations 180 yuan, the others loss is assumed by the farmer.