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"Strong resistant to lodging " 38 corn let dragon sheet the farmer is produced a
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Nowadays, arrived again the season that corn harvests, but Xi'an Ou Wenchun presses down Xiu Yuhuan of farmer of Ao Dong village however scowl is full of, because of her the ground of 10 mus of corn with only home already was produced absolutely entirely almost, and causing the account that produces absolutely is corn already lodging.

On September 12, the reporter comes to Ao Dong village, saw a corn ground that in disorder together with Xiu Yuhuan. Accepting when interviewing, what the reporter still can experience her from inside her mood is sad.

According to Introduction Xiu Yuhuan, on August 26 that day, place greeted strong rainfall weather, accompanying fresh gale, although buying kind of period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, the salesperson tells her strong resistant to lodging of this corn stalk, but the following day in the morning, build jade link or arrive early look in the ground. The scene before lets her sit to the ground to cry greatly at a draught. 10 mus of corn that oneself grow resemble been press by rock roller same, bend over trimly. Still be in as a result of corn growth period, nutrient can be brought about to be not supplied after lodging on, so these corn were produced basically absolutely.

And make her open-eyed unceasingly is, although the corn of oneself is almost all lodging, but with her home only the corn of the neighbour home of be apart of one ridge in a field as hair however without the injury. Answer a village to ask to just know, of original corn lodging not she is one, the dragon that cultivated Heilongjiang to save branch department of river of peony of farming division courtyard to sell like her is odd of 38 corn, appeared the circumstance of lodging of corn large area, and the corn of other breed appeared merely the lodging of thimbleful.

The Liu Dianxi of Party branch secretary of Ao Dong village tells a reporter, the crop with their main village is corn, the villager bought spring in all this year 38 corn plant many jins 1000 dragon sheet, this lodging lets many mus of nearly 200 farm be produced absolutely almost, more than 10 villagers because this is disastrous, among them a villager with the most severe loss is called Qing Yongfu, corn of much, 50 ridge in a field does not have the 1 hectare that he cultivates one escape by sheer luck. He calculated pen Zhang to the reporter in the spot, besides the cropland of own home, he still contracted the ground of other villager, every mus of such hire that need pay need 200 yuan or so, add seed, chemical fertilizer to wait grow cost, the loss of a mu of his ground also wants 500 yuan the least, and the money of next year spring ploughing still needs loan to wait, the loss that causes accordingly also is in the least 10 thousand yuan of above.

It is kind of corn together, likewise harsh weather, have dragon sheet only for what does 38 corn bedding face accumulate lodging? With respect to afore-mentioned circumstances, the reporter interviewed city seed control stand to complain the Lv section chief of the division, he expresses, dragon is odd 38 had passed a nation relevant section is authorized, 4 standards accord with national requirement, this breed has cropped the history in what the our city has a few years, accumulate the phenomenon of lodging without occurrence bedding face, and at present, only the farmer of Ao Dong village has reflected this condition, did not receive other and similar complain. So, be aimed at the reason of this corn lodging, the farmer can apply for expert appraisal to city seed control stand, basis appraisal result goes the court undertakes prosecution or applying for to reconsider to province seed management department.
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