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Breed of thoroughbred allowance corn is unidentified reason every mus of reducti
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The graph shows the acute pace with not small, full spic to the reporter for one villager a thoroughbred corn. Author Lv Zihao

The graph compares spic to the reporter for the villager big, full and forceful another corn breed. Author Lv Zihao

Gourd ladle county is saved in Heibei, this is enjoy national finance subsidy and the makes a farmer indebted thoroughbred corn project that organizes promotion by the government, this year however anxious became bad more than 200 farmer that this county saves village of Shi Zhenzhou battalion, the reason is, more than 600 mus of governments of predicting high yield recommend bought acute step a thoroughbred corn, arrived present reap period, look at the other breed that compares others home helplessly however every mus at least reduction of output 4, 500 jins, only this, the loss of this village villager will amount to three yuan. And understand according to the reporter, appear of circumstance of reduction of output of this corn breed still have leave Shi Zhen additionally two villages and villages and towns of this county other, current, actual total reduction of output mu number and loss still do not have law statistic.

On September 16 afternoon 6 when make, the reporter is followed leave numerous villager of village of Shi Zhenzhou battalion to come to its corn ground, the corn that sees this village grows acute pace for the most part only all presents spic bead of face of yin and yang of small, spic, spic straw leaf is yellow under not full, spic wait for a feature, and breed of a of same parcel different corn is apparent spic is big, without bead of face of yin and yang, spic full, straw is forceful and exuberant.

According to Zhou Ying village villager Liusi introduces, at that time, village appoint meeting broadcast says to press down a government to popularize thoroughbred corn to the farmer, every jins of seed 5 yuan, governmental subsidy two-spot, every mus sow 5 jins, major villager was bought in the village, and be make a money beforehand ahead of schedule, whole village bought more than 3000 jins, planted more than 600 mus in all. But to last month, the corn that the villager feels him is apparent the way corp is growing is incorrect, estimation mu produce had not exceeded 5, 600 jins, and the corn with normal in former years mu crop all is in 1002, 300 jins of above, mirror to the village instantly then.

Bright red Lanzhou says secretary of a Party or League branch of village of week battalion village, him home also was planted this breed. The sea of deputy alcalde Li Lin that listens to agriculture of the director in the town at that time introduces, this is plan of civil administration of benefit of a government, breed characteristic is high yield resistant to lodging, picked acute pace then 1. But seminal origin is not clear, company of a seed opens 3 carriage to send the village, bearer also is not known. After discovering a problem recently, pass to the report in the town, also promise to look for prefectural agriculture bureau to investigate appraisal in the town, but did not come all the time because of a variety of reasons. Came till today, do not know the expert that where is, investigated two plot, the expert says the likelihood is weather reason, go back research, say to will give a result tomorrow morning.
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