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Crop seed new form is false during vigilant autumn sowing advertisement
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The seed is special, the agriculture that cannot replace produces a material, it is the base that agriculture expands. Do well the government that seminal production runs, matter to our country agriculture to produce health directly, develop continuously, matter to the personal interest of broad farmer masses, matter to rural society stability. Recently, fizzle out inside of prefectural agriculture bureau cooperate closely to fall, industrial and commercial bureau is opposite yellow county inside market of entire county seed had special inspection. Check through comprehensive platoon, discovery is in process of crop seed distribute, have false ad travelling to the country with new expressional form, basically have the following kinds:

The first kind is to use the form of culture go to the countryside to make conduct propaganda. The film, kinescope, Thespian send a country while, also send a country crop seed directly, the spot publicizes a sale.

The 2nd kind is the name with agrotechnical personnel holds advisory meeting to the country, in advisory meeting spot take advantage of an opportunity publicizes the seed that sells his.

The 3rd kind is dozen of move " 3 farming " the banner that serves a line, in order to serve " 3 farming " for cover, send a country the seed, send in farmer hand directly even.

What forms of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of conduct propaganda often use is the language that exaggerates phonily, the seed of the sale is fake mostly seed, perhaps ought to be packed and did not pack, even seminal operator did not manage a qualification at all. When the person that the seed is used suffers a loss because of seminal quality problem, find the operator claim for compensation that sells a seed very hard.

Current, rural black prime of life goes out mostly work, what stay behind in the home is woman children more, right fake seed and false and exaggerated conduct propaganda did not identify ability originally, be to wrapping around what is more,the rather that more " service " and " science and technology " the conduct propaganda of appearance? Here, industrial and commercial personnel reminds broad farmer to want to raise vigilance, buy a seed through normal channel, take strict precautions against be deceived.