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Kind melon new way 5 kilograms of small watermelon
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On August 28 morning 10 when, regard fair of food of agriculture of international of Changchun of the 7th China as main component, the Changchun City first watermelon (muskmelon) the grand opera of the Cultural Festival, industry of watermelon, muskmelon grows height forum to hold. The expert that comes from the 4 home watermelon of Heilongjiang, Beijing, Henan, muskmelon to cultivate a respect gathers together, it is melon farming to show future to grow the method of watermelon and way.

Chen Chunxiu points out the expert that comes from research center of vegetable of Beijing aricultural academy of sciences, this she saw a lot of giant watermelon on Nongbohui, but look from the current situation of Chinese family, domestic member is less and less, too big watermelon do not eat 3 times at all, can affect a sale. And 5 kilograms of right-and-left watermelon, be most suffer market gay, also be a way that prospective watermelon industry develops and trend. The advanced agronomist Ma Zhengtan that comes from Heilongjiang to breath out Er city together together also elaborated his viewpoint with respect to the disease-resistant breeding of watermelon, he thinks, studying watermelon is high grade on the problem of new breed, not from 0 begin, should make full use of the research achievement of forefathers.

On forum, the farmer king that comes from Heilongjiang province is fond of the knowledge that the record expert with absorption all the time country tells about, he tells a reporter, he cultivates watermelon to had had 20 years, two years he discovers recently, more than 20 jins when oneself plant big watermelon is bad to sell, the person that comes to receive melon pays close attention to the breed of watermelon very, also raised the question with watermelon too big build, hear Changchun has on Nongbohui this special the height forum about watermelon, he comes designedly go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures. Listened to the knowledge that the expert explains, he feels suddenly see the light, also prepare the watermelon that a few essay plant the choose and buy this to plant bring back, begin to sow next year.

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Yesterday of report from our correspondent is meridian midday, the Changchun City first watermelon (muskmelon) culture art section holds rustic literature work to call for paper prize-giving celebration, as we have learned, this second calling for paper begin from November 2007, receive hundreds of to call for paper to what come from countrywide each district early or late, the course is layer upon layer choose, finally, the literary work of the subject matter such as 37 poetry, novel shows itself, create by Song Shuguang among them " melon cropland melon is sweet " win first prize.