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New breakthrough of domain of research of paddy function gene- - immortal not ol
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The rice seedling that plants a paddy field passes the growth of two months left and right sides, begin ear and blossom, then ties goes rice, subsequently and those who come is Xie Huang the bine is withered, a periodic life course proclaims terminative. Recently, china achievement of a of the scientific research group that academician of Zhang Qifa of university of middle peasant course of study heads newest research makes a person fix eyes upon, they discovered one kind can let paddy " immortal not old " gene RID1 (RiceIndeterminate1) . This is this group afterwards departs in succession this year after clone gives Ghd7 and S5 gene, another when the domain obtains new significant breakthrough studies in group of paddy function gene.

Take out RID1, paddy is in battalion preserve one's health to grow level all the time -- leaf of only long bine, do not blossom, not strong; Guide this gene, grow level paddy is OK and normally to turn to grow to reproduction from battalion preserve one's health level. Zhang Qifa expresses, the time that blossoms as a result of paddy decided the season of breed and area adaptability, it is one of main factors that affect rice production, this achievement applies paddy breeding in practice, can reform the area adaptability of paddy new breed, improve the productivity of rice of our country paddy thereby. This achievement reforms likely still for other floral breed offer draw lessons from, the grazing that the French phoenix tree that if breed,does not blossom, defer blossoms.