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Yue Yang is planted formerly field aerospace paddy is taller than the person
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"The Tian Youman that square dad plants is strange, paddy is even taller than growing up. " the Tan dad that lives in 5 lis of cards tells a reporter.

On September 2, in Yue Yang the county is planted formerly. The reporter sees the paddy that Fang Pingyi plants, the person that brawny paddy stalk grows to compare him unexpectedly is even tall. Walk into a rice field, dense paddy drowns the person in paddy leaf immediately. Fang Pingyi says old scientist of 81 years old, these paddy but not simple, they are a course after space travel, be bred through be being chosen meticulously 15 years again and become " aerospace paddy " .

1993, square Ping Yi carries seed of 100 grams groovy paddy 1500 yuan at one's own expenses, do " the type studies mutation of the plant below dimensional condition " special task. In those days, after the seed after these travel outer space sows, Fang Pingyi will grow seedings of cereal crops of 2000 much bag, only 1 wrap up the character of occurrence extraordinary of seedings of cereal crops. After this, in cultivating training course, fang Pingyi discovers, the offspring of paddy of this individual plant produced a lot of mutation, glutinous changes precocity model, long bead, big spic of tall thick stalk, small-scale model, big bead, more than 10 breed. Now, the taller than the person paddy that the reporter sees is tall thick stalk big spic paddy. These paddy achieve 1.8 meters or so on average highly, paddy stalk has finger thick. The reporter was counted, a string of spike of rice, have more than 640 rice more. Fang Pingyi tells a reporter, these paddy are groovy paddy, after promotion, farmer but proper motion breeding.