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Newest breakthrough: Song of ┛ of ┮ of an ancient unit of weight of of orangu
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The expert success research and development such as week of news of university of the Yangtse River Dr. 燚 gives cotton of a kind of OK and effective prophylaxis and treatment " cancer " new-style biology pesticide.

Cotton withered, cyanosis is called cotton " cancer " , it is the biggest Ke Xing that affects pily production. The data makes clear, withered, cyanosis mixes unripe diseased or infected plant to compare output of plant of the sheet that do not have disease to drop on average 37% , serious reduction of output 60% above, our country is annual because of cotton lint of loss of withered, cyanosis 75 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons. This year, incidence of a disease of withered, cyanosis exceeds cotton of division of old cotton of catchment of the Yangtse River 40% , new cotton division exceeds 20% , northward cotton division is more serious.

Long-term since, breeding expert tries to breed fight breed of cotton of withered, cyanosis, but have thimbleful disease-resistant only up to now, be able to bear or endure ill breed small area is cultivated. Because differentiation of field bacterium department is sharper, these breed lose former some inside a few years basically to fight gender or endurance. Sex of bell of some breed knot is good, go up peach early, yield is high, because of easy feeling withered, cyanosis, promotion difficulty is very great. Current, have not solve the breed problem that combats withered, cyanosis. Research and development can prevent and cure truly effectively cotton " cancer " new-style pesticide, had made the forward position task that each country scientist pays close attention to very.

2006, the research group that week Dr. 燚 of courtyard of agronomy of university of the Yangtse River heads, use choose Jie of advantage of pily root border to fight microbial and unripe Jie fights microbial method inside cotton, from inside more than 1000 1 ground test piece and many cotton individual plant the sieve is singled out a variety of microbial, through nearly 3 years science and technology tackles key problem, eventually research and development went out to contain a variety of Jie to fight cotton of can microbial, effective prophylaxis and treatment " cancer " new-style biology pesticide.

Introduce according to week Dr. 燚, in cotton whole bear period, need to use this kind of agriculture chemical 2 times only, effect of its prevention and cure can be amounted to 70% .