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Q actors or actress 108 water seed rice lets 200 much farmer close absolutely
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"You look, the Q that we plant this year actors or actress 108 grain are not had close, what does our the coming year eat oh, crops can be our one's very life! "On August 20, 4 groups of Wu Xianfu old people of 63 years old use village of clear level ground of hot spring town at the same time asp both hands captures the shrivelled spike of rice in the rice field, bearing tear to choking with sobs to tell a reporter at the same time.

It is reported, village of clear level ground of hot spring town suffers acute communicable diseases of spic neck paddy 4 groups this year the effect is most serious, always plant Q actors or actress of this 108 breed, basically close absolutely. Look far, big big rice field is black completely. The sky in black spike of rice is empty, some farmers are straightforward go to Niu La having spike of rice to Tian Li, lest expends labor to reap. And same rice field, because plant, is another breed and reap a bumper harvest greatly. Face this kind of situation, cultivate door say this is seminal quality problem, seminal operator says the seed is to carry a state however of careful, quality is no problem. So, who is paddy grain does not have the " of " a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes that receives backside? The reporter undertook investigating interviewing to this.

■ of the farmer painful

Many mus of 150 paddy closes absolutely almost, paddy farming keeps sad tear

"How should I do, what does the family have oh! "The Wu Xianfu old person that lives in village of clear level ground 63 years old 4 groups does not dominate his sentiment, weep at the same time, tell a reporter at the same time, "Altogether was planted this year 4 jins of Q actor or actress 108 seed-corn, area about 5 mus many, the face returns some cropland are the others home that lease here, after waiting to harvest these commissariat, the family changes bit of pocket money to buy the flesh to buy salt, which know however grain is not had close. Original commissariat sells, do this fall how don't have harvest to do? Our crops person is plant one year crops has a meal two years, planted a few years of crops, never still encounter grain not to have the case that accept. Same before area should harvest many jins of 5000 rice commonly, the loss is big this year oh! Lie between the cropland of Home Peng Baiyue of a Tian Kan with me, because not be this breed, the family's millet also is same a day, the high temperature that also experienced agency place to say is high wet special climate, you look, the family's paddy however bumper harvest, one my is done not have, I am planted crops can be differred unlike him! Do you say to you can be convinced in my heart? Do you say to you can be convinced in my heart??

Villager Zhao Xi Xiang tells a reporter, he does not plan to buy this new breed originally, but the Ceng Changpei that sells a seed says when promoting this variety this breed yield is high, boiled meal very delicious, so I bought 108" of actor of 4 jins of "Q. Sow, fertilization, treat bug whats are mixed like in former years, result grain is not had close. The seed-corn that still bought other fortunately 2 jins, that breed reaps a bumper harvest, can receive many jins 2000, otherwise still leaves boiler without rice this year oh. "Ceng Changpei is the accountant of our village, it is native, I think he compares understanding to the circumstance of our village, those who think he is promoted should be right, believe him so, when selling a seed, he also is done not have special remind us to want to notice plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure of what, we resemble planting other breed is same, the result ate to with a ha have a deficit, whats were used, do not have harvest namely! We just understand later, q actors or actress the seasonal febrile diseases fighting spic of 108 is average 7 class, highest amount to 9 class, it is to belong to seed rice of easy to rice blast feeling, you say such seed resists the capacity of plant diseases and insect pests is so small, can you say quality is no problem? "Zhao Xixiang says depressedly.
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