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Seed selection of Tianjin cross round-grained nonglutinous rice obtains major br
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Seed selection of round-grained nonglutinous rice of Tianjin city cross obtains major breakthrough again. Reporter from city research center of round-grained nonglutinous rice of cross of farming division courtyard learns, expert of breeding of this city paddy tackles key problem assiduously through nearly 10 years, breed the new breed of cross round-grained nonglutinous rice that has own intellectual property -- " 10 actor 18 " , bedding face of main paddy area accumulates the whole nation such as look forward to of ferry is in Beijing, yellow the Huaihe River, river the Huaihe River and the central Shaanxi plain promotion scores a success, at present in sight of bumper harvest of 150 thousand mus of rice. Expert of domestic authoritative paddy thinks, "10 actor 18 " take the lead in in home will high grade, high yield, much fight and the good character such as extensive adaptability organic on same breed union, drove progress of technology of breeding of our country paddy, represented breeding of domestic cross round-grained nonglutinous rice top level. This is afterwards " 3 actor 18 " later, the variety of another has great promotion value cross round-grained nonglutinous rice that this city breeds.

According to introducing, this breed is in the promotion area of this city and whole nation achieves 150 thousand mus, most north arrives Great Wall along the line, most south reach along the line of the Yangtse River, cultivated area to cover area of paddy of area of paddy of Beijing ferry look forward to, yellow the Huaihe River, Jiang Huai the our country such as paddy area and area of paddy of the central Shaanxi plain is main round-grained nonglutinous rice produces a division, can suit revive, Anhui, comfort, rash, district of 8 provinces city cultivates Beijing, ferry, look forward to, short for Shaanxi Province. Through beginning production of form a complete set of thoroughbred fine law, "10 actor 18 " average mu produce achieve 750, 800 kilograms of above, freeboard produces field output to achieve 850 kilograms, than groovy paddy breed every mus of increase production 150, 200 kilograms, average every mus are paddy farming to add close 150, 200 yuan. Quality of food of classics Ministry of Agriculture is supervised examine test center analysis, paddy rice character reachs a nation standard of high grade paddy actors or actress 2 class, help advance somebody's career proper can amount to actor 1 class, in ensure high yield while came true high grade. Accumulate in bedding face at the same time high yield is shown to produce a gender firmly in cultivating good, rice pledges admirable, disease-resistant is fought go against a gender strong, adaptability is extensive wait for a characteristic, "10 actor 18 " breed promotion already was included achievement of ministry of national science and technology to change capital project.