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Innovation breed authority trades system
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Authority of our country breed trades the career gained very great success, but after all starting point is low, start late, what still be faced with is " free path is like impregnable pass really iron, take a step to be jumped over from the beginning now " situation. The development that protects the job as breed authority is carried out, how to enhance the propagandist strength that protects the job to breed authority further, manufacturing operator mixes the person that enhance breeding, seed to thought fors the time being and manage consciousness of the person that use lawfully lawfully, how to promote accredit breed to trade, accelerate new breed to change the problem such as application to remain to have more thorough research.

Breed authority trades face difficult problem

" plant new breed protects byelaw " promulgate 10 years to come, protected the legitimate rights and interests of breed right person effectively, to encouraging innovation, bring whole society into play to just throw the initiative that breeding works each, stimulative crop went to positive effect since the rapid development of breeding career. But, breed authority economy still is in development initial stage in our country, put in many real problems and inadequacy in executive process.

Henan saves illuminate of Ma Mojie of dean of farming division courtyard at present breed authority trades the difficulty of existence, look above all from whole society angle, breed authority protects consciousness to still need to strengthen; It is the administration that counterpoises from breed executes the law next in light of main body, agricultural administration is in charge of breed authority of the branch to execute the law to systematic need is perfected further and be strengthened. Current breed tort dispute still basically passes judicatory channel to solve, coordinate harmony measure through agricultural service not much; Finally, the aspect checks in breed, DUS test and breed district trial become independent each other.

Natural resources of agriculture of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences and Song Min of researcher of institute of agricultural division into districts point out straight from the shoulder, at present the breed authority of our country trades and change utilization rate very low. Main reason is property right of achievement of research and development the impact is not clear, vacancy of property right main body, return some units to apply for breed to authority is checked and accept for the task merely or sign up for award even, devoid property right manages consciousness; The 2 information that are research department and industrial department are illogical free, new breed research and development and market are out of line, the new breed quality of research and development is not high, lack changes executive value to wait; 3 it is tort case much hair, trade behavior is non-standard bring about breed authority to trade medium cost is too advanced.

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