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Protective breed authority trades economy of stimulative breed authority
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Promulgate from 1997 " plant new breed protects byelaw " since, our country increases plant new breed to protect strength ceaselessly, through building breed authority government works to authority of management of process of authority of breed of system, aggrandizement, normative breed is carried out and be permitted external make over, make breed authority economy gets rapid development, economic actual strength and scientific research actual strength get strength, effectively promoted breeding job development, raised unit of agricultural scientific research to innovate continuously greatly ability.

Strengthen protect and guard

The intellective work achievement that plant new breed regards the mankind as and knowledge are concentrated model product, in agriculture production, character improved a respect to produce crucial effect. A lot of agriculture developed countries pay attention to the world very authority of plant new breed protects the job, go up century since 90 time, international plant new breed protects allied member to already went to 63 of present from 22 mushroom.

When Cui Taichang of researcher of office of government of scientific research of academy of sciences of Shandong province agriculture is accepting Chinese intellectual property to sign up for a reporter to interview, say, in the process that in aid wheat 20 breed authority carries out, also had produced action of a few tort.

When Zhou Yanping of professor of college of government of economy of Shandong agriculture college is accepting reporter of newspaper of Chinese intellectual property to interview, point out, the breed of seed selection obtains breed authority to receive promotion application, breeding person acquire corresponding economic interest lawfully. Our country fulfils the goal of protection of plant new breed, education of the person that depend on encouraging breeding not only goes the plant new breed with better more, the person that ensure breeding the legitimate rights and interests of creation, still depend on promoting the rapid promotion of plant new breed to apply, promote the development of agricultural science and technology.

Promote trade

Breed authority trades to counterpoise to went field to produce main effect from the lab in breed. Henan saves Ma Mojie of dean of farming division courtyard to express, expand breed authority economy, make economic actual strength gets strength; Expand breed authority economy, ability of crop breeding innovation gets buildup, through expanding breed authority economy, make an unit capable to raise money more capital throw breeding job, allocate the adjustment of policy through income conversely, brought broad brainpower into play effectively to throw the initiative that breeding works; The orderly flow that breed counterpoises, accelerated gain of agricultural science and technology change, what accelerated gain of agricultural science and technology effectively is rapid change, add for national food safety and farmer close made positive contribution.
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