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Agricultural plant new breed protects 8 attentions
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"915 " during, protection of new breed of plant of our country agriculture will innovate with promoting agricultural breeding and application of new breed promotion is a purpose, according to " science is examined and approve, industry of safeguard rights and interests, incentive innovation, promotion " overall train of thought, the key is perfect " system, technology props up code and run a service " 3 individual departments, promotion " countermeasure research, examine test, administration to execute the law to communicate with international " 4 kinds of ability, raise new breed of our country plant to protect a level in the round.

Our country joins international plant new breed formally to protect alliance from April 23, 1999 (UPOV) since, the Ministry of Agriculture released breed of 6 batches of plants to protect directory early or late, make get protection belong to, kind achieve 62, the person that it is more and more breeding provided protective space and the platform that compete fairly. Breed authority applies for and accredit amount also rises substantially subsequently, end on November 30, 2006, the Ministry of Agriculture accepts breed authority to apply for 3691 in all, award breed to counterpoise 899. According to be opposite 500 accredit breed and the count that file breed show, already area of accumulative total promotion amounts to 640 million mus, increase production commissariat 56.32 billion kilograms, increase social benefit newly 22.37 billion yuan, add for grain increase production and farmer close made positive contribution.

Although protection of new breed of our country plant gained remarkable success, but still have very big difference with the developed country, will tell on the whole, regulations system still is not perfected, execute the law strength still needs to increase, working system still needs to perfect, technical system still needs perfect. Be aimed at the problem that above solves urgently, "915 " during, ministry of Agriculture the key around perfect 4 individual departments, promote 4 kinds of capability, 8 big move raise new breed of our country plant to protect a level in the round.

It is perfect code system system. Revise " rules of protection of plant new breed carries out detailed rules (agricultural part) " , straighten examine, test and accredit work program, normative breed names, establish the system mechanism that incentive agriculture breeding innovates; Research makes protection of new breed of our country plant urge policy.

2 it is the perfect technology system that prop up. Develop and edit DUS of agricultural plant new breed checks a guideline, enlarge plant breed to protect range; Build main crop foregone breed database, avoid to repeat accredit, ensure accredit quality; Study standard of technology of appraisal of DNA dactylogram a collection of illustrative plates, be helpful for rising execute the law efficiency; Perfect standard breed and library of approximate breed resource, ensure the scientific sex of accredit; Build new breed to protect management information system and platform of comprehensive news service, implementation new breed is declared, examine, test, accredit and the digitlization that information announces.
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